Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Electrifying headache

Choose your weapon of destruction: a baseball bat, a ninja sword, a bowling ball, or a machine gun.

That's what I've been thinking when looking at this particular spot in my house. Black out problem had occurred many times, but the worst was during the raya holidays. The fridges had to be cleaned out due to rotting food - the fused must have tripped a few days before we return to KL from kampung. It smelled bad. And it hurts psychologically as well. I felt terrorised by the fuse box because the real problem is not easy for me to understand. If a fuse tripped, you flick it up, and electricity is restored. Not for this one. Wiring problem? Fuse problem? What the heck is the problem?

A complete rewiring would set me back about RM5k. It will hurt financially.

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