Thursday, October 30, 2014

mengapa kos perkahwinan mahal?

Orang berbelanja RM1 juta untuk majlis perkahwinan, kita katakan membazir. Kita kurang pandang pada income depa yang berjuta-juta setahun. Jumlah sejuta tu tak meluakkan sangat pun duit depa.
Kita berbelanja rm50 ribu (je) untuk majlis perkahwinan, kita nak kata apa? Bagi yang pendapatan setahun tak sampai separuh daripada jumlah tu, bukan membazir namanya. Tapi membelanjakan duit yang tak ada. Tu nak masuk kategori apa tu? Berbelanja besar untuk jadi raja sehari, lepas tu bertahun-tahun jadi hamba bank atau along.
Ukur kenduri di slip gaji sendiri.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shop with Stripes

Pernah pergi kawasan Jalan Sultan di Singapura? Kalau pernah pergi, mungkin korang biasa dengan pemandangan kedai2 berwarna warni dan cantik. Salah satu yang menarik perhatian ialah kedai yg ada jalur2 ni. Ada stripes di awning. Dan ada ulangan corak stripes di tingkapnya. Menarik perhatian untuk memandang atas bawah.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Black and white

It may not be obvious from the monochrome image, but the car is indeed black. It was black when i first got it. There was a black and white agreement between me and the owner. Now that the owner had passed away, there needs to be another black and white documentation to transfer the ownership clearly.

Black and white is beautiful.

Black and white is also important.

Lunch at Sakura Kristal

Usually i would go for the sweet-and-sour fish. But this time around, i tried the fried soo hun Thai style. The clear noodle is supposed to be more healthy, in terms of carb content. And this dish definitely has the health content in terms of the veggies. Love it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Favorite Supplement

This is by a clear margin my favorite supplement. Enough said. :-)

Apa maksud SPSS

In a test yesterday, I asked the same question that I've first asked students in 2006. The different expansion of the SPSS acronym is, entertaining and sobering. This time around, the misplaced creativity of the students are again showing off brilliantly, like multicolor displays at a Rio Carnival. The question was: SPSS stands for _________________. Considering that the whole course is dedicated to learning how to use the software called SPSS, I would expect students to be at least curious to know what those four letters represent. Alas, we got a colourful list like below. This is the full list of all wrong answers given by 82 students in the two sections of the course.

Simulative Personality of Statistic scale
Software Package for Social Science
Standar               Statistical
Standard Package for Social Science
Standard Psychological Statistics Students
Statistic Progression for Social Studies
Statistical Package
Statistical Packages for Human Science Students
Statistical Packaging for Social Sciences
Statistical Packet for Social Science
Statistical Procedure for Scientific Study
Statistical Process
Statistical Program for Scientific Study
Statistical Program for Social Science
Statistical Program for Social Scientist
Statistical Programme for Social Science
Statistical Programming for Social Science
Statistical Psychology for Social Sciences
Statistical Psychology Software System
Statistics Associated
Student Program for Statistical Systems
Student Programming Statistics
Symmetrical Programme Statistical Software
Systematic Private Social Statistics
Systematic Program for
Systematic Program for statistics system
Systematic Programming Statistics

Systematical Programming for Statistical Solution

The point of the question is not about memorizing the four words. I'm trying to provoke the students. Now that the 'obvious' and 'easy' question was asked in a test, I hope the students can reflect on their attitude towards the course, and make any necessary changes. 

It is okay to laugh at ourselves for something silly like this; hopefully they will not laugh when looking at their final grade, in an attempt to conceal tears of failures. 

p/s If you notice, and wondering about the extra line between the list and the preceding paragraph, it is because the blank represent a wrong answer. One student did not offer any answer whatsoever.

Monday, October 20, 2014

We Are Under Which Sky?

16 Day Photo Challenge: Day 4 Sky

Today is was a grey sky. The great expanse of space above is had inspired many people to achieve greatness. Sky is the limit, so they say.

Have you asked yourself recently why is your 'sky'?

Some people prefer to look above at a clear night sky. They can see millions of stars far far away. and they imagine themselves shining brightly like the start.

Some people prefer to look above at a clear sky during the day. They can see clouds, and the calming blueness of the space above. They imagine themselves walking on top of the clouds, enjoying the view from above.

Some people chose to look above at a gloomy sky, when the dark clouds are hanging low. They cannot see much beyond the tip of the clouds. And bring the gloominess into their heart.

We are all under the same sky.

But we choose which sky is out limit.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Importance of Water

Day 3 of 16 Days Photo Challenge: Water

if you were to answer honestly, what do you see in the pics above?

Nemo (clown fish)

Both answers are correct. But, what we cannot see is also important; without which both corals and fish would cease to exist. That's how important water is. It supports life. Without it, we would quickly evaporate from the surface of earth. The entire human race. 

And yet, how much thought do we give about the water that we use? Is it a prominent aspect of our life; being granted a high priority? Or is it something that we take for granted; a background materials that more often than not is overlooked in favor of other more interesting objects?

Here's my list of how we should respect water.

1. Use water sparingly. Find out the leakages - how we waste water - and put a stop to it. Never again allow the tap to run while you're brushing your teeth. 

2. Avoid paid water when we can use free water. Harvest rain water for gardening purposes instead of using tap water. The natural purification method that is involved in the production of rain is incomparable (how clean is our tap water?). Why should we ignore it?

3. Drink clean and healthy water. Unclean and unhealthy water should be somewhere else other than your body. Water with too much sugar is nor meant for our body to take regularly. So is water laced with intoxicants (alcohol). Let alcohol be used for other purposes. Put the right water for the right purpose. 

4. Protect the sources of water. Clean up when necessary. Don't let our natural resources become a natural disaster. Don't use too much domestic chemicals that would be released into the environment together with water. Protect our jungles too; they are the catchment areas for rainwater. 

5. Enjoy the beauty that is naturally occurring water features. Pristine and clean rivers. Gorgeous waterfall. Serene lakes. Mesmerizing clouds. Cooling rain. Majestic seas. These are for us to perform our tafakur. Water replenish fluids in our body. Water can also quench the thirst of our souls.Spend time to take in the shape, the smell, the texture, and the colour of water. 

By gazing into the clarity of water, hopefully we shall gain a better clarity of ourself. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Misadvertised Breakfast

Day 3 of 16 Days Photo Challenge: breakfast

This was my second breakfast today. The first one was hot milo and lasagna. This second drink for breakfast was courtesy of Students Learning Enhancement Unit (SLEU). I was invited as a speaker for a training workshop on Academic Literature Review. I didn't take the kuih (in the metal tray). But I did pour the drink from the container labelled SIRAP. I can tell you that it is NOT sirap. Unless you count any sugared water as sirap. I would say it is teh susu. 

Belasah 3 gelas. Ngantuk punya pasal.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Something blue

What i wore something blue: this is my answer to day 2 of the 16 days photo challenge.
It is blue, and not new. This is a gift from a friend who visited Portugal. The cock reminded me of Nando's. Not sure if it is by design or by coincidence.

Lawak Kampus Mash Up - takut

Sian kat sesiapa yang ada dua exam sehari. Sabor je lah. Baca la doa banyak2 untuk mengelakkan kejadian ni daripada berlaku.

(Kali ni banyak sikit editing guna software: Photoscape, PowerPoint, and Paintbrush. Macam best gak. Terasa macam pro je. hahaha.)

Kucing angkat

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Semalam dah tamat cabaran 30 hari blogging. Hari ni start 16 Days Photo Challenge pulak. Tajuk pertamanya handwriting. Just to be clear, I don't believe in graphology - handwriting analysis that's supposed to tell your personality, behavior, etc. Tak nampak  pembuktian santifik yang menyokong graphology. 

Yang pasti, kalau dianalisis perkembangan tulisan dari kecik sampai besar, memang tak berapa nak nampak 'perkembangannya'. Hahaha. Tak jadi makin cantik pun. Cam ne la generasi sebelum ni belajar menulis - cantik je tulisan depa; baik yang tulis sebiji-sebiji, mahupun yang tulis sambung. Zaman sekarang ni, janji ada tulis, ya tak?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kenapa Saya Suka Menulis di Blog

Hari ini hari istimewa. Tertanda satu pencapaian peribadi dalam duni blogging. Hari ini hari terakhir Cabaran 30 Hari Blogging yang dianjurkan keluarga Shaklee saya. Alhamdulillah. Berjaya menyahut cabaran ini. Buat pertama kali dalam sejarah blog ni (betoi ka?) ada entry setiap hari selama 30 hari berturut-turut. Dan post ini adalah yang terakhir dalam cabaran ni. Walaupun post yang lain-lain tu tak berapa nak ikut topik yang dicadangkan, untuk penutup cabaran ni saya nak 'patuh' dan tulis mengenai mengapa saya suka tulis di blog.

Asal blog ni adalah sebagai bahan untuk diwariskan kepada anak yang tersayang (hence the blog's name: Intangible Inheritance). Saya suka nak rakamkan pemikiran, perasaan, pengalaman, dan gambar-gambar yang mewarnai hidup saya. Tujuan perkongsian di blog ialah supaya dia mudah nak mendapat bahan yang dirakam ini; bukan sekadar disimpan sebagai arkib di dalam komputer peribadi. Takut hilang entah ke mana. Biarlah ia 'hidup' di dalam cloud yang sifatnya lebih selamat dan kekal berbanding simpanan digital peribadi.

Satu lagi kelebihan tulisan-tulisan saya dihidangkan dalam public domain ialah untuk berkongsi dengan 'anak-anak' dan jugak mak bapak yang mungkin boleh memanfaatkan perkongsian. memang apa yang ditulis tu bersifat peribadi; tapi apa yang saya dapati ialah orang lain juga boleh terkesan atau sekurang-kurangnya berkata 'eh...saya pun ada pengalaman yang sama la". Seperti puisi, ada orang yang takut nak berkongsi rasa yang sangat intim dan peribadi sifatnya. Tapi, kita perlu akur ada ramai manusia di bumi ini yang mungkin mengalami yang sama. Mengawamkan yang peribadi itu bukan untuk mendedahkan diri, tapi untuk membantu orang lain melihat dan menghadam kesamaan yang mungkin mereka tak mampu atau belum dapat luahkan sendiri.

Jadi, sebenarnya, saya suka sangat tulis blog ni sebab ia jadi medan untuk berkongsi buah fikiran (harap2nya bersifat baik dan bermanfaat) dengan oran gyang tersayang; anak-anak sendiri, ahli keluarga terdekat, dan orang awam lain.

Semakin lama menulis blog (dah hampir 10 tahun!), harapnya makin banyak perkongsian baik yang dapat dilakukan. Selain menulis apa yang nak disampaikan kepada anak-anak, saya juga dah menulis apa yang mungkin lebih bermanfaat kepada peminat psikologi dan statistik. Ada perkongsian yang lebih khusus topiknya.

Bukan susah sangat sebenarnya nak menulis di blog. Tak perlu ada editor. Boleh guna gaya sendiri - tak terikat dengan gaya APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. ikut suka la nak tulis formal ke, tak formal ke, campur aduk ke. yang penting isinya boleh difahami. Jangan sampai diri sendiri tak faham pulak. Bila kita publish sesuatu dalam blog, sangat senang untuk disunting semula. Tak de kena bayar apa2 untuk perbetul atau tambah bahan ke dalam blog post tu. Bila fikiran dikosongkan dari kekangan kewangan dan disiplin kepenyuntingan, lagi la senang nak menulis. Sebagai contoh, kalau rasa nak berhenti menulis, bila-bila bila berhenti. Tak wajib nak letakkan kesimpulan atau penutup yang poetik.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Examples of Lack of Soft Skills

Kat bawah ni adalah 3 cerita benar yang berlaku hari ni dan diubah suai sesedap MSG.

Story 1

Me: Assalamualaikum
X: Waalaikum salam. Saya nak tukar major. Nak buat macam mana ya?Me: What is your current major?X: Saya ambil [not a psychology major]. Saya baru first sem.

Story 2

Me: Assalamualaikum
Y: Waalaikum salam. Saya nak tanya, kalau nak sambung master di sini macam mana ya?
Me: Sini tu di mana?
Y: Psikologi 
Me: Can you please introduce yourself?
Y: My name is Y, and I have a bachelor degree in [not psychology].
Me: And when did you graduate?
Y: Yesterday.

How I want to end the above two conversations:
Please go back to your class room. Learn about the need to introduce yourself when making a phone call, especially to someone that with whom you're not familiar.

Story 3

Bercakap dalam telefon satu hal. Menulis surat rasmi satu lagi hal. Dah besar panjang, nak tulis surat rasmi pun tak reti?

Scenario: sorang manusia nak menggunakan kemudahan rasmi di tempat Encik B. Encik B suruh manusia tu dapatkan surat sokongan daripada Encik A (sebab manusia tu di bawah bidang kuasa Encik A). Jadi, manusia tu mintak bantuan Encik A menulis surat kepada Encik B. Encik A suruhlah manusia itu tulis draf surat tu (sebab manusia tu yang tahu apa benda sebenarnya yang dia nak).

Bila Encik A tengok draf surat, ini yang dia nampak:

Nama dan alamat Encik B tak de. 

Salutation diletak nama Encik A yang akan sain surat tu (apekehal nak tulis surat kepada diri sendiri?)

Tajuk surat tak de.

Maklumat pasal manusia itu sendiri tak cukup (paling tidak, nama dan nombor ID).

Penggunaan huruf besar dan huruf kecil pun berterabur. 

Satu yang Encik A suruh betulkan, satu yang manusia tu buat pembetulan. Bila ditanya, pernah tak tulis surat rasmi, dia jawab 'pernah la'. Bila Encik A masih tak puas hati dengan draf tu, manusia tu sudah naik angin.  Lebih kurang gaya responnya, 'kalau tak puas hati kenapa kau tak tulis sendiri?' 

Dia pertikaikan kenapa Encik A suruh dia tuliskan surat.  

Ada satu soalan yang nak ditanya di sini: siapa yang perlukan surat tu sebenarnya?

Pengajaran (kalau terasa nak diajar la, kan?): kalau surat rasmi yang sempoi tak sampai separuh muka surat pun ditulis tunggang langgang, mengapa kau buat muka tak puas hati bila orang tak luluskan dokumen rasmi 20 muka surat yang kau tulis?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Blog statistics

It has been a good 9 years since I posted my first entry in this blog. It has been wonderful indeed. This past 11 months, I've tried to make blog-posting a habit. And it is a nice feeling to know that there are people who read the posts. Of course, the main audience of this blog are my children. But that shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying the posts, no?
When I checked the stats today, seems that the Goldilocks story is the most popular. Perhaps it is popular due to the 'Adult' in the title. I can assure you that this story is not dirty nor naughty. It is just have materials suitable for adults.


21 Oct 2008, 4 comments
5 May 2009, 2 comments
21 Jul 2008, 2 comments
9 Oct 2014
4 Mar 2014
26 Feb 2009, 3 comments

Four posts from 2014 made to the top 10 list. Three of them are about my experience as psychology lecturer. Another one is about emoji guessing game. 

We an keep playing and telling story. They will be my intangible inheritance.  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

UTC Puduraya

Mak aiiihhhhhh.... panjangnya barisan kat pejabat imigresen. Melimpah sampai keluar bangunan.

Kat mana ni?

UTC Puduraya. Hari Ahad.

Kalau seramai tu yang beratur beli produk Shaklee tiap-tiap hari, pakcik terus jadi Master Coordinator la. Nampak hebat sangat sambutan kepada pembukaan pejabat imigresen di UTC. Semalam, pergi ke UTC Sentul dalam pukul 11. Dah abis nombor giliran. Laku macam credit top up.
Terima kasihlah kepada kerajaan yang mengusahakan pembukaan UTC. Lebih muda dan lebih pilihan untuk rakyat berurusan. Dan terima kasih juga kepada penjawat awam (kakitangan kerajaan) yang sanggup bertugas di hari minggu.

Kerajaan boleh melaksanakan program untuk rakyat dengan bantuan rakyat juga. Sama-sama menguatkan negara.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Terbang lebih tinggi

Boleh terbang ke semua kapal terbang ni? Inilah hasil kerja peserta workshop pada hari kedua. Ini adalah workshop yang sama dengan yang saya tunjukkan hasil brainstorming startburst. Selepas diberi tools untuk berfikir dan selesaikan masalah secara kreatif, depa diminta buat kapal terbang. Kapal terbang yang nombor dua dari kiri tu berjaya jadi pemenang keseluruhan.

Masa pembinaan kapal terbang, memang nampak proses menyelesaikan masalah yang berkesan dalam group yang menang tu. Bila ada ahli yang usulkan satu penyelesaian, ada ahli lain yang tunjukkan penyelesaian yang lebih efektif. Komunikasi yang berkesan dapat meyakinkan semua ahli kumpulan tentang penyelesaian yang dicadangkan. 

Dah selesai workshop, biasa la..bergambar berkumpulan. :-)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Psychology master degree

Are you currently employed and seeking a master degree qualification?

The Department of Psychology IIUM offers a Master program in industrial-organisational psychology to qualified Malaysians. The program covers basic and applied psychology topics related to work and employment.

Classes are conducted on Sundays only; suitable for people with fulltime employment.

Contact me for further details.

Dr Harris Shah Abd Hamid

How to Fight Vandalism

Drivers using the stretch of MMR2 nestled between Ampang Point and Flamingo would be familiar with big circular pillars in the picture above. They would also be familiar with the eyesores in the form of illegal adverts. I salute the MPAJ officers who made the effort to clean up, even though new papers were pasted right the day after.

A new effort had taken place, perhaps as an experiment.The pillars were put in rectangular cage, and then a (legal) advert was put as a wrap-around. So far, no illegal adverts were pasted onto the new advert. So, the experiment seems to bear good results. Now, other pillars are getting the same treatment. I'm all for that fight against vandalism.

The illegal advertisers respect capitalists; not the public.