Friday, June 29, 2012

knock out

In the movie Green Hornet, Kato invented a gun that can neutralise a person by using knock out gas. It looks like a cool weapon to have. Today, I felt a strong need for that gun. The setting: IIUM's masjid. The targets: two brothers who were chatting away during the Friday khutbah.

They were exactly behind me. I suspect both are students. Or perhaps very young IIUM staff. Mind you, they were not whispering - but talking at a very audible sound level. Their conversation was really distracting.  I turned around once, but continued chatting away. I felt like hushing them, but then I would violate the 'no-talking' rule during khutbah. So, my mind tried to find alternatives to silence these chatty people.

I wish Kato is a muslim. He could come to the masjid and 'fight' people who are not respectful to the masjid, the Owner of the masjid, and the other guests in the masjid.

Baam! (not sure what the gun sounds like)

And the two guys would be knocked out until the end of the Khutbah.
*smiling happily*

Friday, June 15, 2012

Funny, but serious

Doing PhD is a funny thing.
You set your own questions, answer them, and then other people will examine whether you've answered your own questions correctly.
Some examiners will say your questions are not clear.
Some will question the way you answer the questions.
Some will ask why you even bother asking those questions.
And, seriously, you will be able to laugh when the examiner wants to use your answers.