Sunday, December 30, 2007


Have a lunch at Sainsbury after sorting out my phone bills. I got free web browsing for a month. This post is my first try to blog via the phone

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Eid ul-Adha

Selamat Hari Raya
kita raikan jemaah haji,
moga mereka mendapat haji mabrur
kita doakan korban mereka diterima Allah
dan mereka selamat bertemu Allah
dalam keadaan suci dari dosa

kita juga termasuk dalam golongan
yang diterima menjadi tetamu Allah di tanah suci
dan layak melangkah
ke dalam jannah

Saturday, December 15, 2007

As a traveller

I dont' consider myself well-travelled. Look at the map above and you know how few places that I have been (areas covered in red). And even then, it is hugely overestimated. I have been to only two provinces in Canada. During my stay in the UK, I hope to put more red marks in the European continent. Thank you to the people at

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I'm trying to learn to use NVivo. I use the tutorials at . It's not easy to comprehend. I can follow the tasks and actions. But I'm not really sure what they mean. More important, I'm not sure how I am suppose to use it for my research. I guess, when I have my own data, and more exposure to qualitative research, then I can understand it.

If anyone has knowledge and skills of using Nvivo, please contact me. Thank you in advance.


I was aiming for an apple, but caught a feline creature instead.
This semi-planned purchase was made at the Shires, in Leicester. Never heard of Jaguar perfumes before. But the price was right, and the smell is good. I've been using it a few times now, and i can say that I'm happy with it.
I'll recalibrate my target, and hope to snatch a green BeDelicious apple soon. Boxing Day sale, perhaps?

No, it is not raining

This is also a view from my room's window. The condensation provided me another opportunity to add materials for my blog. It was not in any way related to how I feel when I took it. But, upon seeing the picture, I felt a certain longing that tugged at my heart.
I miss him. I miss him. I miss him. I pray that Allah protects you wherever and with whomever you are. Be brave my boy.

View from my window

Alang-alang dapat update nih, meh aku update dua tiga serentak. I took these pics a number of weeks ago. These are the views from my window at my current house. The backyard is quite big. But I don't see much productive use of it. The day that I took the picture was particularly bright. It brightened up my day. I wish the window can allow me to see beyond the horizon, so that I can find the faces that I have stored in my heart.


I don're really get it. I've opened a MySpace account a few years ago. And I very rarely use it. I even have forgotten the password at one time. I just don't see how I'm going to make use of it.

I'm amazed to see some people having hundreds of friends. Firstly, do they actually befriends those friends? How on earth do they have time to corresponds to so many people? Can you even remember all of the different, and sometimes chaning, profiles?

Secondly, assuming they do keep in touch with their friends, what is the quality of friendship that they establish? Is it really satisfying? Or, could it be having a list of over 1000 friends is satisfying on its own?

Perhaps, that's why I don't have a huge network of close friends. I prefer to small a small, and meaningful one. But I do pine to meet new people who can help me chart new territories. I want to expand my space.

Komputer oh Komputer

kau buat ikut suka
adakah kau mempunyai random event generator
menghalang aku nak update blog?

kau bagi masuk
dan kadang-kadang kau terus tutup
tanpa ada salam mahupun alarm
adakah kau sebenarnya artifical intelligence
yang suka melihat blog aku bersawang?

Apa-apa jer la
walaupun kau tak collaborate
aku tak kisah, teruskan menaip
sebab aku boleh jalan-jalan, pergi boxing day sale
sedangkan kau akan duduk atas meja
tak ke mana-mana
dan aku akan tarik plug dari soket
berkawan la dengan spider
masa cuti Krismas nanti; padan muka