Thursday, September 15, 2005

Chocolate and Milk

When you discover you can't take some food that you enjoy when you were younger, you'd start to feel older. For me, its chocolate. Yes. I'm afraid to make this discovery, but two events in the past weeks may lead to the conclusion that I no longer can enjoy chocolate. And that I feeling older.

When I met a friend, and a friend of hers, for a drink, I ordered hot chocolate for wanting something hot. Of course, coffee is a no-no for me. (Except for kampung type of coffee where coffee bean constitute less than 50% of the soffee mix) So, there I was, drinking hot chocolate and having conversation. After a while, I grew quiet. I attributed it to my running out of things to say. I just listened to my two friends.

Then, the friend of my friend left. (Ok, his name is Zul). After he left, I realized that I had a throbbing pain eminating from the back of my head. Usually, with coffee or Coke, the pain would start from both sides of my temple. I categorically denied that chocolate has something to do with my headache. Afterall, chocolate is supposed to be healthy, right? How can I get a buzz by drinking hot chocolate?

Alas, I gave up when the pain continued. It spread to the whole part of my head. It was an even worse form of pain compared to coffee-based pain.

And yesterday, my hypothesis about chocolate gained more support. I ate a few bits of chocolates at the office. When I left, the headache came again. I don't think I need further test. I will reduce chocolate intake from now on. I accept the fact that Imy body is growing old.

No, don't get me wrong. I don't despair over deleting chocolate from my can-eat list. I still have a long list even though I have deleted prawn, squid, crab, terubuk, mutton, and so on. Believe me, my menu is still sizeable. Hey, what if I can't have hot chocolate; I can have just the milk, right? It's on half of hot chocolate, right?.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Do I believe I can fly? Yes. For RM50, I can fly. At Genting anyways. I sure would like to experience defying gravity in the vertical wind tunnel at Genting.

More important, I want to translate the physical flying into mental and psychological flying. I so wanted to soar and leave my coccoon behind. I want to reach places that I have dreamed of. And places that lie beyond.

Taking off is a difficult thing to do. May be I should just jump and let the wind embrace me. Afterall, I know I have enough strength to not fall so far. Do I have enought strength to do more than just walk? I bet I do.