Monday, February 26, 2007

Birthday Present

Unlike last year, I didn't get flowers, or cakes on my birthday. But I get something with a RM450 price tag. And the value of the gift is much more than that.

I attended a seminar of resilience engineering. A lot of ideas were introduced. My own ideas are restructured as a result of that seminar. And I pray that I will get a by-product present from that seminar, which is an admission for a PhD programme. I intend to use the materials from the seminar to help me write a proposal to do a PhD. What a birthday present that will be!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Harga Pemilikan

Orang yang menyayangi serta memiliki, atau menyayangi tanpa memiliki, apabila miliknya ditarik semula, setidak-tidaknya akan masih memiliki rasa sayang. Orang yang memiliki tanpa menyayangi, bila kehilangan, akan hilang segala-galanya.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm Just a Guardian

Kekadang, ayah ingin Marwan cepat besar, matang dan boleh berdikari. Adakalanya ayah tak mampu nak memberi perlindungan, perhatian dan tumpuan yang Marwan perlu atau harapkan. I want you grow so that you can take care of yourself. So that you can understand me better.

Kekadang, ayah ingin Marwan tak berubah. Biarlah Marwan manja, comey, dan daddy's son. I like it when you are being a child: innocent, pure, and depending. I treasure your special qualities. And I don't have to feel bad when you do something wrong; because you're still a child. Your smile and they way you say "ok-kay ayah" melt my heart. I like that. Wait.. it's not true. I LOVE that.

Alas, it's not up to me to say that you should grow up or stay young. What's more important is for you to be His good servant. I pray that Allah keeps you on the right and safe path to akhirah.
Love, Ayah.