Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sekadar Rindu

Aku ingin sekali percaya kata-katamu bahawa kau merinduiku
tapi aku masih tercari-cari di mana sayangmu
mungkin bagimu aku sekadar untuk dirindu
bukan disayangi

Monday, December 18, 2006

Ceramah Keusahawanan

Later this evening I'll be presenting a talk on "Pengurusan Pentadbiran". The irony is that neither pengurusan nor pentadbiran are my strong suits, practically or academically.

I accepted the invitation to deliver the talk in part due to the 'new' spirit of taking on challenges. I look forward to learn new things. Things that are not in my comfort zone. (looking forward to learn new techniques to take photos ;-) )

May be Allah paved the way for me to be, among other things, an enterpreneur. Because I have to give talk on enterpreneurship, I have to learn it. I also need to speak from experience. Otherwise, I'd have a potential damaging cognitive dissonance to deal with. So, I guess, it would be 'natural' if I add another father on my cap. Bring it on!

Friday, December 15, 2006

3 things to be thankful for

And please remind me to say alhamdulillah again.

(1) My article, co-written with Jumina Kimin (former student), is published in Jurnal Kinabalu. I got a copy of the journal today. The title of the article is: An exploratory study on emotional intelligence: A comparison between university students and student leaders.

(2) The research (sub)team that I lead managed to generate the required number of items for the Religiosity Scale we're developing. I'll type the items and refine with the team members - over pizza, hopefully - next Tuesday.

(3) During the research meeting just now, after achieving the targets, I was told that we will be getting honorarium soon. I know that we will get it, but I was surprised at the amount. Didn't think it will be that much. And it's going to be the first of a few installments!

So, please remind me to say alhamdulillah when I receive the rewards for my effort.

Siang Malam

Mana bintang mana bulan
malam gelap siang terang
usaha dan doa jadi amalan
moga hidup menjadi senang

Siang terang malam senyap
luas alam mencari tepi
bulan hilang bintang pun lenyap
mata pejam mengundang mimpi