Monday, December 31, 2012


Di ambang tahun 2013 ni, mudah-mudahan kurang la orang buat amalan gampang.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Cedera dalam waktu kecederaan... injury time in a soccer match can be a literally real experience for players who got injured during the added match time.

Pusat servis kereta sedang di servis ketika anda menghantar kereta untuk diservis. Ada jugak yang nak kena servis ni.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

psychology week

Menjunjung ilmu menjulang budi
Jadi paksi kasih bersemi
Terima kasih kesemua yang sudi
Datang ke taman teduhan kami

Air oren jenama sunquick
Welcome to psychology week

pasir dan kerikil

Jika kamu penuhkan balang dengan pasir, kamutidak akan dapat menambah kerikil di dalamnya. Tapi, jika kamu penuhkan bakang itu dengan kerikil terlebih dahulu, nescaya masih ada ruang untuk padir.

Begitu jua jika masa hidupmu dipenuhjan dengan perkara remeh teneh, akan wujud sedikit sekali ruang untuk urusan besar yang sepatutnya jadi paksi hidupmu.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Lebih kurang

Alhamdulillah ...setelah mengeluarkan perbelanjaan yang agak lebih daripada biasa, dapat pula rezeki masuk yang lebih daripada biasa. Menyambut orang baru dalam keluarga memang melibatkan perbelanjaan tambahan. Nasib baik banyak persiapan yang tidak perlu dibaharui. Guna semula kelengkapan yang sedia ada.

Di bulan November, rezeki daripada program latihan datang dari 3 sumber berbeza: HR Wellness, Zetro (melalui ICCE), dan SLEU. Terima kasih ya Tuhanku kerana masih memberi aku rezeki di bumiMu ini.

Monday, December 03, 2012

A little bit more productive today

Alhamdulillah. Praise be unto You who made it possible for me to do my work today.

1) I've selected some tests and scales to be proposed at a meeting this coming Wednesday.
2) I've written two documents for the mentor-mentee programme: namely Mentor-Mentee Agreement, and Guide for Induction Meeting.
3) I've also helped in completing departmental budget documents: 3 new proposals, 4 one-off proposal, and a budget summary. I e-mailed the documents to the finance officer after spending almost the whole evening to them.
4) I officiated the opening of Psychology Week on behalf of the Dean.

I can't escape from feeling a sense of accomplishment. Nevertheless, my day would have feel more complete if I can:
1) help calm Adam so that he'll fall asleep
2) train Zayd to smile more often
3) help Marwan to pack for the two-week retreat at Maahad Tahfiz.

I miss my boys.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

statistically significant hub?

A piece of news that I read today created a mini-Sandy in my mind. I had to do a little bit of investigation to calm the cognitive storm that I was experiencing.

According to this news, Malaysia has rare earth reserve amounting to 0.03% of world reserve. the amount of reserve was cited as one of the factor that makes it possible for Malaysia to be a rare earth hub. With less than 1% of world reserve, how could Malaysia become a hub? Is the reserve amount statistically significant to push Malaysia into a rare earth hub? How do we define hub? Having a couple of factories and a few downstream facilities?

According to a report, Malaysia produced 0.27% of world rare earth in 2010. Again, less than 1%. The newspaper article mentioned that Malaysia could satisfy up to 20% of world demand. Where does the extra 19.13% come from? Australia. Via Lynas. Statistically speaking, Lynas production of rare earth makes Malaysian researve insignificant. The statistic should not have been mentioned at all in the argument for making Malaysia into a rare earth hub.

The need to scratch the cognitive itch was primed by another newspaper article in Kosmo. The articled pointed out that the US people had elected the first (openly) gay senator, Tammy Baldwin. Next to her name was the phrase 'gambar' to refer to a picture on the right. Alas, the picture was of one TOMMY, her opponent. Tammy is a female, and Tommy is a girl. Tammy is gay, and Tommy is not (openly gay). Duhhhh.

And there was another cross-newspaper inconsistency. according to Harian Metro, it was a 'bilal' who was killed in a surau. but, according to Kosmo, he was an 'imam'. Why the different label? Were they trying to produce distinct news? Perhaps using the label 'warga emas' is less news worthy.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Agenda laksa johor

Laksa johor. Checked.
Satay perut. Checked.
Sushi. Checked.
Air selusuh. Checked.

Anxiety. Errrrrrrrr..

Monday, October 22, 2012


Working at a frenzied pace, I spent a good chunk of early morning today to prepare slides for a talk. The skeletal form of the presentation had been prepared a few weeks back. I looked like a straight forward task of beefing up the slides. What I had not anticipated was the amount of revision, rereading, and reorganising that I had to do. it was emotional intelligence, a topic that I had neglected for a few years now.

I also had not anticipated to experience 'flow'; a sort of peak experience in preparing the slides. the task was very much enjoyable that I willingly tweaked the slides here and there, fully aware that the clock's short hand had moved east of 12. It seems that the tweaking gave much satisfaction, perhaps giving a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. i fully look forward to the 2 hour talk.

The talk was originally scheduled early this month. then it was moved to a date a week later. Then the date moved again; this time it was Tuesday this week. In the day, I checked an email to get the phone number of the organiser for confirmation of the date. As I went through the email, I noticed that the date given was another new date: 2nd November. Upon checking verbally, it was confirmed that the talked was moved to next month. Part of me was saying I'd expanded my energy in a short burst unnecessarily. But another part of me was glad that I'd managed to prepare the materials fully 10 days ahead of the talk. Alhamdulillah.

Apparently, the energy to work on the presentation did not abated. I had, in fact, made a few more tweaks to the slides while in the hospital, waiting to see the O&G specialist. Later at night, I revisited a blog that I put in my browser's bookmark. I rediscovered a good example of his writing. For me, it is about redirecting a negative emotion to a more positive and productive purposes :

See....! When you enjoy your work, you will be able to see and use opportunities to make your job more meaningful.

Laksa johor

Semenjak dua menjak ni, asik makan je kerjanya. Tak tau basa kenyang. Nak ngunyap je.

Sapa nak join ayah makan? Kalau baby dah ready, boleh join ayah makan. Nak laksa johor tak? Ayah buat kuah ikan tenggiri. Jom. Bila dah ready, keluar elok-elok ya. May Allah make it easy for you to join us in this dun'ya.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Tuhan sedang mencabar sikapmu. Periksa semula prasangka, prejudis dan stereotaip dalam minda. Bila minda dibuka semula, lihatlah kebarangkalian baru yang muncul. Mungkin manis menanti.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One night

A cool crisp night, reminded me how much i have traveled
how white hairs are invading my scalp 
and how lucky I am the scalp are still covered with hairs

Admitting to myself that I've been travelling a lot
i can convince my legs not to rush
try to be more content in the night
to let the sun rise on its own accord. 

the aroma of yesteryear fluttered amongst the trees
while soft dew of nostalgia moisturized the trenches on my palm
and the bitterness of sins blackened the tip of my tongue

Learn to walk slower
delaying remorseful scheming
and accumulating strength to jump higher than yesterday

how i'm thankful
to have 
a sweet crisp cool night.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

business presentation

I'm on cloud nine - another natural high for me.

Just came back from doing a presentation to a group of HR people at a private company. The presentation was on  proposed training programmes. At the end of the presentation, they basically had agreed to take me on as their training provider. Alhamdulillah. Hopefully the dates will be fixed soon. So glad to be able to get involved in the corporate world. Rasa macam orang korporat dalam drama tv je. Hahahah.

9th IPRC

Alhamdulillah, the colloquium had been organised. In total, there were 2 keynote addresses and 30 paper presentations. A number of authors had promised to come, but were not able to attend. nevertheless, the 'core' participants were there, and I can't be happier to hear them enjoying themselves at IIUM, especially during the farewell dinner.

The preparation had been long, winding, and at times a test of patience. Managing the paper submission is a skill that should be certified. I think Karimi and I deserve to reward ourselves with a certificate of EasyChair + manual submission.

The MOU is a completely different matter. The transits that the documents had taken were beyond my telescope. But it was signed at a ceremony at the Department. Nothing fancy, no hoopla. It was a ceremony with minimal frills. What matters is that the collaboration between the Department and BSRI is 9 years strong. And we look forward to further collaboration.

The gist of it

Open mind.
'I matter'.
Natural high!

9th IPRC 2012

Below is my welcoming speech at the 9th IPRC 2012. 

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Good morning to all.

The highest of praise and thanks are due to Allah SWT. He had made this gathering possible, and may He shower the gathering with His blessings and mercy. Selawat and salam to the prophet Muhammad SAW, his companions and his family.

The theme of the 9th IPRC is "Leading a Balanced Life". For muslims, prophet Muhammad SAW is the best example for finding balance in life. He has shown in his attitude and his actions the way to find a balance in life; between the material and spiritual, between the personal and social life, and between the present life and the life hereafter. Many of his wisdoms had been recorded and practiced by both muslims and non-muslims. One particular advice from him concerns self-improvement. It was reported that he said, “In a believer’s life, today must be better than yesterday, and tomorrow has to be better than today.” While his advice is targeted at the personal level, we can apply it to institutions and organisations as well. As an academic institution, IIUM, and many other universities and colleges exist to seek improvement. Taking the spirit of his advice, I’d like to remarks on IPRC, as an event and an institution, on its past, present, and future.

This year marks the 9th edition of the IPRC. The Department has organised the colloquium 4 times, including the one in 2010 where it was not known as IRPC for technical reasons. The fact is, the IPRC is now 10 years strong. It is now part of the tradition of the Department of Psychology and BSRI. And this is something that both institutions can be proud of. Last year, upon my return to the Department from the 8th IPRC in Bangkok, I was given the challenge to be the Chairperson of the organising committee for the 9th IPRC. The main remark by the staff from the Department was the gracious hospitality of the colleagues and students of BSRI. We were impressed and humbled by their efforts, warm reception, and tireless hard work in making the guest at the colloquium comfortable. We hope our own brand of hospitality is not too far off the BSRI standards.

For this edition of IPRC, we try to make improvements. On the technical side, we’ve introduced the use of EasyChair, a web-based conference management application. Although not all participants submitted their papers through EasyChair, it was a good learning experience for those involved. For future IPRC, the use of applications such as EasyChair is highly recommended. It can reduce the amount of time spent of managing the abstracts and papers, and also communication with the participants.

Another deliberate decision taken by the organising committee was to use Conference Alerts website to promote the colloquium.  I believe, this have led to expansion of the participation. Last year, there were participants from Sri Lanka and Pakistan. This year, on top of delegates from BSRI and the Department of Psychology IIUM, we are honoured to welcome delegates from the Philippines, Iran, Nigeria, as well as participants from other universities in Malaysia like UiTM, UKM, UM, UUM, and UTM. Welcome to IIUM, the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue. Welcome to the 9th IPRC 2012. Yindi ton-rab kau su IIUM.

For the future, more improvements can be made by the organising committees. Hopefully, the MOU between the Department and BSRI, which is due to be signed soon, will spur further collaborations among the two institutions. Perhaps other activities covered by the MOU can be attached to the Colloquium to make it into richer activity, spanning a wide range of scholarly, social, and intellectual dimensions.

I’d like to record heartfelt appreciation to all those involved in organising this IPRC. First, to all delegates who’ve chosen to participate in this colloquium, I thank you for joining us. I hope you will have a productive and beneficial time with us. Second, I thank the sponsors who have helped greatly in running the colloquium. Fortunately, the number of sponsors is not a long list, so I can say all of them here: International Links and Community relations Division of IIUM, U&C Book Distributors, and the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge of IIUM. Third, a big thanks is due to the management of IIUM for kindly supporting the Colloquium for yet another time. Fourth, to all students and staff directly involved in organising this colloquium, I’d say syukran jazilan. I know they have worked hard to make this event a success. For some of them, this is a learning experience. For any shortfall in their performance, I’d like to apologise on their behalf. Thank you to the students for their willingness to work and learn. May Allah reward them handsomely. Fifth, and last, to all others that I’ve not mentioned yet, whether you have been involved directly or indirectly, through your efforts, du’a and moral support, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wabillahit tawfiq wal hidayah, wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

9th IPRC 2012

Below is the speech read by Dr Wahabuddin Ra'es who represented the Dean of KIRKHS in the opening ceremony of 9th IPRC.

I am pleased to be part of the colloquium this year. It has been an annual event between the Department of Psychology and the Behavioral Science Research Institute. The colloquium can be regarded as a tradition, judging by the consistency of its occurrence. In fact, being consistent in doing good deeds is a noble characteristic to have. In Islam, the concept of Istiqamah, where a person consistently performs a good deed, even a small one, is highly recommended. This is one of the manifestations of leading a balanced life. We strive to do good, perhaps small efforts here and there, but maintain the energy for doing so. That is better than going all out to do a big thing, and getting totally exhausted at the end that we cannot find more energy to do it again.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The University, and the Kulliyyah in particular, strongly support academic activities such as this colloquium. We are keen on developing mutually beneficial relationship with other institutions around the world. This is evident in the Memorandum of Understanding that had been signed between IIUM and other Universities. With the diverse participation in this colloquium, the oportunity should be taken to discuss future collaborations. On top of learning and sharing of research works, as listed in the schedule of presentation, we can also try to identify mutual areas of interest that can be the basis for working together. As an international university, IIUM aims to be a global player for education, and community enrichment.

The colloquium is built on small efforts throughout the year. It has come to a point where the efforts lead to the gathering of scholars, young scholars, and budding scholars at this IIUM Campus. It is with great pleasure that I welcome all delegates to the Colloquium. The Kulliyyah, and the University is proud to be host to guests from different parts of the world. You have come to the University at the same time we’re having a convocation. There are many activities going on around campus to celebrate the success of students who have completed their study here. I encourage you to take part in the celebration, and share the joy and happiness that are available in abundance in our campus.

For the organisers, today is the culmination of your hard work to ensuring this colloquium a success. I congratulate and thank you on your efforts. I hope the involvement in the colloquium has, and will be, rewarding for you. The postgraduate students, especially, would have learned soft skills that may not necessarily be learned in the class room. The colloquium had offered you additional learning opportunities. I hope other postgraduate students from the Department will be involved in future colloquium.

I would also like to thank the organiser for inviting me to be part of this opening ceremony. May all of you get the benefits that you expect from the colloqium. It is a pleasure for me to now complete the task given to me, which is to officiate the opening of the colloquium. By the name of Allah SWT, I officially open the 9th International Postgraduate Research Colloquium 2012.
Thank you very much.
Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

sambung puisi

aku ingin bersembang dengan seseorang
yang ramahnya bersulam sayang
lalu hatiku diam dan tenang

(pangkal puisi ini ada di sini)

Monday, October 01, 2012

bersusah-susah dahulu

Dah selesa bersenang-senang, kadang-kadang kita jadi sombong untuk bersusah-susah.

Ini bukan cerita si Tanggang. si Tanggang itu menjadi sombong disebabkan kesenangan.

Ini tentang orang yang tidak mahu bersusah-susah menolong orang lain sebab dia dah senang. Mungkin sebab dah selalu berSK II, berLancome atau berKiehls, maka gelilah dia nak menepekkan bedak sejuk di muka orang lain. Ataupun, dek tiap-tiap hari naik kereta mewah, langsung tak nak membonceng kapcai kawan yang minta tolong angkut barangnya.

Sesekali kena juga menurunkan 'darjat'. Hatta berlampin sutera waktu kecil dulu, kena sesekali rasa kasarnya belacu. apatah lagi jika membabitkan orang lain. Mungkin orang lain belum sampai tahap senang yang kita kecapi. Turunkanlah diri ke tahap kesusahan mereka. Mudah-mudahan kita jadi lebih bersyukur dengan nikmat yang dikecapi sekarang. mudah-mudahan ada 'saham' kita dalam membantu mereka menjadi lebih senang.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Dear students,

When help is offered, do take it. Grab the opportunity to be helped when the lecturer made efforts to listen to you, and perhaps solve your problems.

However, don't make it a permanent idea in your mind that lecturers are waiting for you 24/7. Lecturers have other problems to look into. Don't wait until you realise you have a problem that need to be solved quickly that you come to see the lecturers. The time slots, or even events, that had been dedicated to you were meant for YOU. If you don't see it, you need help from optician. (If you don't get the sarcasm, then you really need help).

What's not helpful is you expect your lecturers to sacrifice their time, which had been scheduled for something else, to listen to you. Hey, are you listening?!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Adrenaline ...

... rush.

That's what I feel when things are happening at a fast pace. One thing after another. Tasks to be completed. The phone ringing. New e-mail notification. A letter in the in-tray.

All part of being the HOD. So far, I think I'm just about successful in beating the fire, so to say. Managed to put out new fires that burst into action. What I need now is a way to prevent fires from happening. Planning things out in advance is always an enigma. You can't really predict what will happen. But, again, que sera sera. Take in in stride.

Part of being an empowering leader is being perceived as more competent and hardworking than the subordinates. That's what I aspire to achieve.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Di kala teringat kenangan berpuasa dan beraya di perantauan ....

Emping salji melayang-layang
jatuh di pipi menjadi air
keluarga jauh terbayang-bayang
kuatlah hati meredha takdir

Untuk yang diperantauan, moga Ramadhan yang akan berlalu, dan Syawal yang hampir tiba, akan menguatkan lagi silaturrahim sesama kita, dan pergantungan kepadaNya.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Kalau nak bekerja sambil melatih otot tangan, silalah guna sterika lama ini. Berat sungguh. Kalau jual timbang kat kedai besi buruk, dapat banyak RM gamaknya. Bolehlah buat duit raya.

Zaman sekarang ni, sterika macam ni tak de dijual di kedai Seng Heng, Courts Mammoth, mahupun harvey Norman. kena cari kat pasar barang antik macam di Jonkers Walk di Melaka. Ya ke?

Tapi, bila mengenangkan pemanduan di musim perayaan nanti, terasa nak buat wish untuk sterika ajaib. Kalau boleh, nak ada sterika yang boleh diguna untuk melicinkan permukaan jalan: hilangkan segala lopak, parut, dan tinggi-rendah pada permukaan jalan raya. Bila dah licin, selesa dan lebih selamat pemanduan, insyaAllah.

Mana rupalah agaknya sterika untuk jalan. Besar macam meja makan agaknya. Dan tentulah berat juga. Kalau jenis pakai arang, jenuh la membakar kayu untuk isi sterika ni. Harap-harap pihak JKR bersungguh-sungguh membaiki keadaan jalan sebab sterika idaman ini hanya fantasi. Nak buat kerja kena dengan realiti.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Klasik Nasional

Klasik Nasional....segalanya di sini menggamit MEMORI.

Sebelum pergi ke UK dulu, itulah tag-line radio Klasik Nasional. Bila balik Malaysia pada 2011, dah lain pulak bunyinya: segalanya di sini menggamit KENANGAN. Apa agaknya yang mendorong perubahan tersebut.
Semantik? Memori, diMelayukan daripada MEMORY, ada maksud yang sama dengan kenangan.
Satu sebab yang agak boleh diterima ialah memartabatkan bahasa Melayu. Daripada menggunakan perkataan Inggeris yang diMelayukan, lebih elok menggunakan perkataan Melayu yang sedia ada. macam boleh diterima alasan sebegini. Cumanya, yang tak boleh diterima ialah perubahan yang tidak berlaku pada nama stesen radio itu sendiri.
Kalau tag-line diubah, nama stesen radio patut diubah. 'Klasik' dan 'Nasional' tu memang perkataan asal dalam perbendaharaan bahasa Melayu ke?

Friday, July 06, 2012

berat badan ideal

Mengekalkan berat badan yang ideal bukan saja lebih menyihatkan, malah turut memudahkan urusan hidup. Satu contoh yang boleh diambil ialah urusan menunaikan ibadah umrah. Berdasarkan pengalaman yang dikutip semasa ke Tanah Suci Mekah, berat badan yang berlebihan menambahkan kesusahan dalam beribadah.

Kain ihram yang diperlukan pastilah lebih besar bagi jemaah lelaki yang malar bunting i.e. perut jauh ke depan. Tali pinggang yang standard tidak cukup melilit pinggang hatta selepas dimaksimakan panjangnya. Bagi yang ingin terus masuk ke Mekah dari Malaysia, berat badan berlebihan telah mula menampakkan kesannya sebelum naik kapal terbang lagi.

Di dalam kapal terbang, insan berbadan besar ini mungkin tidak selesa di kerusi kelas ekonomi. Jika mereka terasa sempit, penumpang di sebelah mereka juga akan terkena tempiasnya. Bayangkan jika badan anda ‘melimpah’ keluar dari tempat duduk anda. Anda susahkan diri sendiri, dan susahkan orang di sebelah anda. Syarikat penerbangan juga susah hati: bukankah wajar anda dipaksa beli dua tiket?

Semasa di Mekah, banyak pergerakan fizikal yang perlu dilakukan: tawaf dan saei memang wajib dilakukan. Berjalan antar hotel dan masjid untuk solat fardhu juga perlu. Kalau anda mampu membayar RM2000 semalam untuk penginapan di hotel yang betul-betul berkongsi laman dengan masjid, perjalanan ke masjid tidaklah terlalu bermasalah. Tapi, jika anda perlu berjalan beratus-ratus meter dari hotel ke masjid, maka mungkin teksi lebih menjadi pilihan dan wang menjadi korban. Bagi yang berbadan besar, perjalanan jauh lebih memenatkan dan lambat berbanding bagi mereka yang berbadan ideal.

Memang ada perkhidmatan kerusi roda untuk tawaf dan saei. Tak jadi masalah kalau anda sudah ‘pancit’ sebaik sampai di masjid. Anda boleh bayar 50 riyal untuk upah tukang tolak kerusi roda antara Safa dan Marwah. Tapi, rasanya, tidak ada kerusi roda bersaiz XL atau yg lebih besar daripada itu. Semuanya saiz standard. Disebabkan kerusi roda ada ‘dinding’ di kiri kanannya, badan anda tidak melimpah, tapi ‘bertakung’ dalam takungan kerusi roda itu. Kesian pada penolak kerusi roda yang rata-ratanya kurus. Mungkin mereka tidak dapat mencapai tahap kelajuan piawai mereka, kecuali dalam perjalanan turun dari bukit. Wheeeeeeeee!

Jika ada yang rasa terhina dengan tulisan ini, saya mohon maaf. Bukan hendak menunding jari kepada sesiapa. Yang utama ialah hendak mengingatkan diri sendiri supaya mengawasi berat badan. Jangan makan ikut kehendak lidah. Tiap kali rasa malas bersenam, ingatlah ibadah umrah. Jika dijemput Allah sekali lagi ke sana, biarlah dalam keadaan cergas, sihat, dan ringan kaki.

Aku ingin datang lagi Ya Allah.

Friday, June 29, 2012

knock out

In the movie Green Hornet, Kato invented a gun that can neutralise a person by using knock out gas. It looks like a cool weapon to have. Today, I felt a strong need for that gun. The setting: IIUM's masjid. The targets: two brothers who were chatting away during the Friday khutbah.

They were exactly behind me. I suspect both are students. Or perhaps very young IIUM staff. Mind you, they were not whispering - but talking at a very audible sound level. Their conversation was really distracting.  I turned around once, but continued chatting away. I felt like hushing them, but then I would violate the 'no-talking' rule during khutbah. So, my mind tried to find alternatives to silence these chatty people.

I wish Kato is a muslim. He could come to the masjid and 'fight' people who are not respectful to the masjid, the Owner of the masjid, and the other guests in the masjid.

Baam! (not sure what the gun sounds like)

And the two guys would be knocked out until the end of the Khutbah.
*smiling happily*

Friday, June 15, 2012

Funny, but serious

Doing PhD is a funny thing.
You set your own questions, answer them, and then other people will examine whether you've answered your own questions correctly.
Some examiners will say your questions are not clear.
Some will question the way you answer the questions.
Some will ask why you even bother asking those questions.
And, seriously, you will be able to laugh when the examiner wants to use your answers.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bina Jambatan

Kalau tuan membina jambatan
pilih memilih memanglah biasa
tapi jangan hanya kelihatan
pulau yang sedia makmur sentosa

Pulau yang makmur memang menarik
warnanya indah tempatnya bersih
tuan sampai di pulau yang cantik
bagai pelancong memuji fasih

Pulau yang mundur jangan diabai
lebih perlu terima kunjungan
jangan gundah serabut serabai
tugas tuan indahkan pemandangan

Kalau tuan membina jambatan
biar saksama memilih tempat
tempat yang elok berhiburan
tempat yang tidak jadikan ibadat

Friday, May 18, 2012

Training material

By the grace of Allah, I've had the opportunities to be involved in trainings outside of the university. The target audience so far had included nurses, other healthcare professionals, civil servants, and debt collectors. I've also managed to use and present my own materials for the training. When things went well, I experienced post-training high. No need for artificial stimulants. The feelings are all natural.

During one successful training, I showed pictures of an office. The clearing between cubicles and a wall is ample for Popeye's wife, but not for the  over 40% of Malaysian adults who are overweight. Some of the men in this category suffer from permanent pregnancy.

I'll use that term again for future training. May Allah provide me with more rizq.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Melayan ingatan

Air dalam cawan
Sudu dalam air
Timbul ingatan

Air tak berubah rasa
Lidah tak silap merasa
Perasaan yang bersimpang siur
Mencari perasa serasi hati

Ke mana tumpah air
Kalau tidak ke piring
Ke mana tumpahnya pengalaman
Kalau tidak ke masa hadapan

Sudu di tangan
Cawan di atas meja
Simpankan dalam laci
Atau kocak kembali

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New toy

Getting a new gadget (aka toy) can be exhilarating. Sometimes, you forget to act your age. In the zeal to buy the new toy, you may start rationalising to dampen the guilt. You may say, oh.. This is meant to boost my productivity. True, in the short while that you play with the toy, it's newness may prompt you to increase your work output. But when the euphoria has sizzled down, the productivity become stale, much like the packaging of the toy. So, how many posts will it be using the iPad?

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Couvade syndrome

Alhamdulillah, the syndrome has waned a bit. For about two weeks, the smell of cigarette smoke became almost a constant source of irritation. It started in the office. And extended into the car, at back at home. At times, the smell was so strong, I can almost physically felt the presence of the smoke.
Things like this do not make sense to me. It attacked my nose, and more important, my sense of logic. It is difficult to convince myself that I'm not hallucinating. The physical sensation must have a physical stimulus. So, I tried, among others, to provide a physical stimulus to correct the relationship between S and R. Even if it does not 'cure' the syndrome, it would re-balance my thoughts. And that seemed to matter more.

When things were not as they seem, I try to accept them as they are. However, more often than not, my hunches were proven grounded. Some problems may seem like a simple case. It would be up to me to probe further to find out more. Given enough patience, the root of the problem may present itself. And then I have to deal with the consequences of discovering the root; may be pleasant, or otherwise. If it was unpleasant, it would still beat being ignorant. At being more knowledgeable could be a way of becoming more mature.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


There is no need for an excuse
for these feelings that won't be refused
embrace them in all their glory
if raindrops are to fall, why should you worry?

To be frustrated is quite justified
when a downpour caught you off guard
but let not full blown storms
rage inside you and uproot your norms

If rain, heavy and wet, you can't handle
ask for snow or a bit of a drizzle
exchange your burden with one that is light
so you can walk from dark to bright

It is impossible to drown in ankle-deep water
you’re just soaked and yet nothing else seem matters
I can see the pain, in your eyes I miss the twinkling
fading, letting go of yourself, under lights that are still shining

The world is not cruel to abandon a soul
whether you’re in pieces or a complete whole
there are times to move on, times to leave
in the rhythm of rains and sunshine,  for you, a melody of peace

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Couvade syndrome include cramps, back pain, mood swings, food cravings, morning sickness, extreme tiredness, depression, irritability, fainting and toothache. Does it include heightened nose sensitivity too (e.g. to cigarette smoke)?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Percaya Dia Manusia

Patah hati.

Retak seribu.

Patah seribu.

Bila mengalami situasi sebenar, setiap insan akan tahu sedalam mana tahap melankolik masing-masing. Sedalam Tasik Cini, atau pun Jurang Mariana. Anda tahu bahawa David Cameron telah melakukan selaman secara solo ke dasar Jurang Mariana? Ala....pengarah Titanic tu. Entah macam mana nama dia keluar pulak dalam tampalan ni. Abaikan.

Balik ke topik asal. Bila dikecewakan oleh manusia lain, hati akan terasa. Macam-macam rasa mungkin timbul. Rasa sedap je yg tak datang. Selepas melalui DABDA (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance), hati yang luka tak semestinya pulih sepenuhnya.

Bagaimana hendak kembali mengadap manusia yang melukakan hati? Mampukah hati yang berparut itu diserah semula kepadanya? Membina semula kepercayaan yang pernah dikhianati memang tugas yang sukar. Berbagai persoalan dan keraguan yang mungkin muncul, merobohkan sedikit demi sedikit apa yang ingin dibina.

Tapi, percayakah anda dia manusia?


Jika anda berharap dia tidak mengkhianati anda lagi, anda berharap dia telah berubah menjadi robot yang boleh diprogramkan sesuka hati.

Jika anda berharap dia tidak membuat apa-apa kesilapan lagi, anda sebenarnya berharap dia menjadi seperti malaikat.

Manusia bukan robot, bukan malaikat.

Percayalah dia manusia. Ada sifat-sifat yang menunjukkan kemanusiaannya. Lupa. Khilaf. Lemah. Berbolak-balik.

Jika anda mahu menerima dia, terimalah dia dengan sifat-sifatnya. Namun, jika parut di hati anda kembali berdarah setiap kali berdepan dengannya, maka lebih baik mengundur diri secara sempurna. Simpan episod lama sebagai kenangan, sebagai peristiwa dan iktibar yang menjadikan anda manusia. Segala tanda-tanda kenangan yang boleh merobek hati, sebaiknya di simpan atau dibuang. Gunting tali kenangan kepada dia yang mengecewakan anda. Jangan jadi macam Rose yang menunggu hingga hujung nyawa untuk menenggelamkan rantai tanda cintanya kepada Jack dalam filem Titanic.

Ooo....ok. That's where David Cameron comes into the picture in this post.

Monday, March 26, 2012

sing song

"Ku menangiss......" Rossa melahirkan kesedihannya dalam sebuah lagu.

And it has been a joke between me and Marwan. "Lantak la nak menangis....perlu ke nak beritau orang lain". At the time the joke was made, it was, for the most part, a joke. But recently, either because of aging, or nasty mood, I find the song, and some other songs, highly irritating and irrelevant. Can't relate to the songs much. Especially the new ones. Some lyrics don't tell a coherent/comprehensible story. Perhaps age difference makes the story not relevant to me anymore.

Another reason for feeling irritated by the songs are the way the singer sing the songs. Ada yang suka jerit2 sampai tak jelas apa perkataan yang dilagukan. Ada yang suara tak cukup power ... lembik macam daun pisang kena kepanasan nasi lemak. Ada yang terlalu mengAfrikakan gaya nyanyian. Mampu lari jauh-jauh macam orang Kenya ke? Atau megah nak kedengaran seperti sepupu Beyonce masuk Melayu? Itu semua untuk sapa eh? Mamat Nigeria yang dah makin berlambak di KL nih?

Lepas Adele menang besar di Grammy Awards, tak mustahil ada muncul sepupu angkat Adele pulak dalam carta hits radio.

Baik dengar Radio Ikim fm. Pukul 5 petang. Alamak......rancangan iklan/tajaan la pulak......

consistent news

I wonder if radio listeners would actually notice if Monday's traffic report is repeated for the whole week (until Friday)? It seems that the report is more or less the same everyday. May be, there will be one or two days where the peak hour traffic is extra busy. But, for the most part, the report will be the same. "...manakala di MRR2, jalan dilaporkan sesak daripada Bukit Antarabangsa ke Ampang..." I listen to it, and see it everyday. What would be a noticeable report is "...setakat pukul 7.50 pagi ini, semua jalan masuk ke Kuala Lumpur dilaporkan lancar..." Would we hear that after the introduction of MRT? :-)

Satu lagi kandungan berita yang agak tekal ialah laporan cuaca. Julat suhu di Malaysia tidaklah sebesar di UK ataupun Guelph, Canada. Kalau di Guelph, suhu musim panas mencecah 40 darjah celcius, manakala suhu musim dingin menerpa (?) -25 darjah Celcius. Kalau kat Malaysia ni, suhu sepanjang tahun rasanya lebih kurang sama saja. Suhu minimum dan minimum tidak banyak berubah. Yang rasa penting untuk diketahui ialah kebarangkalian hujan, dan ketinggian ombak. Bab suhu tu, lebih teruja nak tahu masa di negara 4 musim. Kat Malaysia ni, mungkin maklumat pasal suhu dikehendaki orang tertentu. Siapa agaknya ya?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pesan Abang

You are a blossoming bloom
choose your paces carefully
with a face as sweet as a rose
you will charm those who see

Having fun is not off limit
as long as you see the boundaries
lest you will forget
your hope and dreams

Both mum and dad
hearts full of prayers
for you to flourish
in the coming years

When evening sun is setting
you return from school
with books by your belt
you will enchant those who glanced

You’re still at school
take heed of the challenges
you have tests to face
to carve a bright future

Pay full attention in class
And leave the rest to the One

When you are successful
I will feel the joy too
If it was otherwise
Do not despair

If you failed once
You’re not doomed forever
Keep this message in your heart
I will always love you

(unsolicited translation of Pesan Abang, a song by Sudirman)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

beberapa tahun baru

Dah berlalu bulan pertama tahun baru hijrah, tahun baru masihi, dan masih dalam bulan pertama tahun cina. Post baru? Baru nak buat. Cis cis cis .....sungguh tak produktif.

Hari ini, sempena nikmat-nikmat yang Allah beri, bersemangat semula nak tulis update.

Setelah umur 37 tahun, barulah merasa pengesahan jawatan dalam perkhidmatan. Serentak dengan itu, dapat naik pangkat ke Pensyarah Kanan dengan gelaran Assistant Professor. Lega dan seronok rasanya.