Tuesday, April 24, 2012


There is no need for an excuse
for these feelings that won't be refused
embrace them in all their glory
if raindrops are to fall, why should you worry?

To be frustrated is quite justified
when a downpour caught you off guard
but let not full blown storms
rage inside you and uproot your norms

If rain, heavy and wet, you can't handle
ask for snow or a bit of a drizzle
exchange your burden with one that is light
so you can walk from dark to bright

It is impossible to drown in ankle-deep water
you’re just soaked and yet nothing else seem matters
I can see the pain, in your eyes I miss the twinkling
fading, letting go of yourself, under lights that are still shining

The world is not cruel to abandon a soul
whether you’re in pieces or a complete whole
there are times to move on, times to leave
in the rhythm of rains and sunshine,  for you, a melody of peace

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