Thursday, November 08, 2012

statistically significant hub?

A piece of news that I read today created a mini-Sandy in my mind. I had to do a little bit of investigation to calm the cognitive storm that I was experiencing.

According to this news, Malaysia has rare earth reserve amounting to 0.03% of world reserve. the amount of reserve was cited as one of the factor that makes it possible for Malaysia to be a rare earth hub. With less than 1% of world reserve, how could Malaysia become a hub? Is the reserve amount statistically significant to push Malaysia into a rare earth hub? How do we define hub? Having a couple of factories and a few downstream facilities?

According to a report, Malaysia produced 0.27% of world rare earth in 2010. Again, less than 1%. The newspaper article mentioned that Malaysia could satisfy up to 20% of world demand. Where does the extra 19.13% come from? Australia. Via Lynas. Statistically speaking, Lynas production of rare earth makes Malaysian researve insignificant. The statistic should not have been mentioned at all in the argument for making Malaysia into a rare earth hub.

The need to scratch the cognitive itch was primed by another newspaper article in Kosmo. The articled pointed out that the US people had elected the first (openly) gay senator, Tammy Baldwin. Next to her name was the phrase 'gambar' to refer to a picture on the right. Alas, the picture was of one TOMMY, her opponent. Tammy is a female, and Tommy is a girl. Tammy is gay, and Tommy is not (openly gay). Duhhhh.

And there was another cross-newspaper inconsistency. according to Harian Metro, it was a 'bilal' who was killed in a surau. but, according to Kosmo, he was an 'imam'. Why the different label? Were they trying to produce distinct news? Perhaps using the label 'warga emas' is less news worthy.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Agenda laksa johor

Laksa johor. Checked.
Satay perut. Checked.
Sushi. Checked.
Air selusuh. Checked.

Anxiety. Errrrrrrrr..