Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bina Jambatan

Kalau tuan membina jambatan
pilih memilih memanglah biasa
tapi jangan hanya kelihatan
pulau yang sedia makmur sentosa

Pulau yang makmur memang menarik
warnanya indah tempatnya bersih
tuan sampai di pulau yang cantik
bagai pelancong memuji fasih

Pulau yang mundur jangan diabai
lebih perlu terima kunjungan
jangan gundah serabut serabai
tugas tuan indahkan pemandangan

Kalau tuan membina jambatan
biar saksama memilih tempat
tempat yang elok berhiburan
tempat yang tidak jadikan ibadat

Friday, May 18, 2012

Training material

By the grace of Allah, I've had the opportunities to be involved in trainings outside of the university. The target audience so far had included nurses, other healthcare professionals, civil servants, and debt collectors. I've also managed to use and present my own materials for the training. When things went well, I experienced post-training high. No need for artificial stimulants. The feelings are all natural.

During one successful training, I showed pictures of an office. The clearing between cubicles and a wall is ample for Popeye's wife, but not for the  over 40% of Malaysian adults who are overweight. Some of the men in this category suffer from permanent pregnancy.

I'll use that term again for future training. May Allah provide me with more rizq.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Melayan ingatan

Air dalam cawan
Sudu dalam air
Timbul ingatan

Air tak berubah rasa
Lidah tak silap merasa
Perasaan yang bersimpang siur
Mencari perasa serasi hati

Ke mana tumpah air
Kalau tidak ke piring
Ke mana tumpahnya pengalaman
Kalau tidak ke masa hadapan

Sudu di tangan
Cawan di atas meja
Simpankan dalam laci
Atau kocak kembali

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New toy

Getting a new gadget (aka toy) can be exhilarating. Sometimes, you forget to act your age. In the zeal to buy the new toy, you may start rationalising to dampen the guilt. You may say, oh.. This is meant to boost my productivity. True, in the short while that you play with the toy, it's newness may prompt you to increase your work output. But when the euphoria has sizzled down, the productivity become stale, much like the packaging of the toy. So, how many posts will it be using the iPad?

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Couvade syndrome

Alhamdulillah, the syndrome has waned a bit. For about two weeks, the smell of cigarette smoke became almost a constant source of irritation. It started in the office. And extended into the car, at back at home. At times, the smell was so strong, I can almost physically felt the presence of the smoke.
Things like this do not make sense to me. It attacked my nose, and more important, my sense of logic. It is difficult to convince myself that I'm not hallucinating. The physical sensation must have a physical stimulus. So, I tried, among others, to provide a physical stimulus to correct the relationship between S and R. Even if it does not 'cure' the syndrome, it would re-balance my thoughts. And that seemed to matter more.

When things were not as they seem, I try to accept them as they are. However, more often than not, my hunches were proven grounded. Some problems may seem like a simple case. It would be up to me to probe further to find out more. Given enough patience, the root of the problem may present itself. And then I have to deal with the consequences of discovering the root; may be pleasant, or otherwise. If it was unpleasant, it would still beat being ignorant. At being more knowledgeable could be a way of becoming more mature.