Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Khidmat Pelanggan Celcom

Baru call customer service Celcom.

1. Impressed dengan kecepatan panggilan dilayan. Tak de la lama2 mendengar rakaman suara dan muzik penunggu.
2. Dah jadi customer Celcom sejak 2011. Sebelum itu pun bertahun juga dengan Celcom (sehingga melanjutkan pengajian di UK).
3. Bila tanya kalau boleh dapat complementary data plan upgrade, katanya tak ada. Bila diacah 'so..tak berbaloi la saya kekal dengan Celcom', jawapannya lebih kurang (ni paraphrase sesedap hati je ni tau) 'ya...betullah tu'
4. Conclusion: tiada ganjaran untuk menjadi pelanggan yang setia ATAU aku yang kurang pandai meminta.

Senda Selasa

Gurau kasar sikit kali ni.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

How to set up SPSS file

Confused with SPSS file? Not sure how to organise the numbers in the file?

I have drawn four diagrams to show the file setup for different study designs. Imagine the blocks as columns in the Data View of SPSS. Each vertical block(s) is for one variable. Thus, for diagram A, we can call the blue block as the variable 'score' and the green blocks as the variable 'group'.

When you have one set of score from two groups of people, you do an independent samples t-test.

If the same group of people were measured twice, you got two set of scores. Thus you use a repeated measure or paired sample t-test.

When you have 3 or more groups giving you one set of score, you run one-way Anova.

If the same group gives you three (or more) different scores, then you compare the three (or more) set of scores using repeated measured Anova.

Simple! :-)

Now try to see if you can match the diagram with the correct statistical test.

Friday, December 05, 2014

How did students in my class perform in tests?

For the Lab-Based Statistics course in Semester 1 2014/15 academic session, there are two sections. Parts of the continuous assessments involve in-class tests. The tests are called Test 1, Test 1R (R=Resit), Test 2, Test 2R, and Test 3. The resit test covered the same materials as the original test. All students were given the opportunity to take the original and resit tests. The maximum marks for the tests are 24, except for Test 3 where the maximum mark is 22. The passing mark for each test is set at 50% of the maximum score; following the grading system of the university.

First, I would like to know if there are any differences of performance between students in the two sections. A ran an independent t-test for all the Tests. The results are as follow. Students in Section 1 tended to score lower than Section 2. In four tests, Section 2 had a higher means compared to Section 1. The only time Section 1 outperformed Section 2 is in Test 1R.  

Table 1. M and SD of test scores by section

Test 1
Test 1R
Test 2
Test 2R

The mean differences are presented in the Table 2 below together with the t-statistics. For all of the t-tests, there were equal variances between the groups; all the F values for the Levene’s test for equality are not significant.  
Table 2. Comparison of test performance between Section 1 and 2

Mean Difference

Test 1

Test 1R

Test 2

Test 2R


As Table 2 suggest, the test performance of students in Section 1 and 2 are similar, except for Test3. Students in Section 2 scored almost 3 points more than students in Section 1. Overall, there is no consistent evidence of bias in teaching and marking the tests. The test performances are similar except for the last test.

Secondly, the question that I would like to answer is whether students performed better when given a second chance. The resit tests covered the same materials as the original test. It would be interesting to look at the changes in performance when students took the resit test. Because the performances are similar between the two sections, the following analysis was performed using the combined scores. Table 2 summarises the results. There are marked improvements in the scores. Students performed significantly better in Test1R (M=12.93, SD=4.60) than in (Test1 M=9.90, SD=4.42), t(80)= -5.64, p<.001. The performance is also significantly better in Test2R (M=15.40, SD=5.63) than in Test2 (M=9.24, SD=5.08), t(79)=-8.90, p<.001.  The gain in the second resit is (6 points) double that of the gain in the first resit (3 points). Moreover, the improvements are also practically significant as the average marks went from the failure region to the pass region (more than 50% of the total mark). Therefore, we can conclude, on average, students were able to take advantage of the resit tests to improve their marks. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Drama pengajian di universiti

'Sangkar' - sempat tengok part Umar (lakonan Nazim Othman) diberi nasihat pasal pengajian di universiti. Sekali sekala kena semak samaada matlamat yang ingin dicapai selaras atau tidak dengan apa yang sedang dibuat.
Ada student yang nak buat dua benda dalam saru masa. Tapi dua-dua tak menjadi. Jadinya, perlu fokus pada satu saja. Mungkin belum masa untuk awak handle beban-beban sebegitu besar.
Dapatkan nasihat daripada yang lebih berpengalaman. Nak pakai atau tidak itu lain cerita. Paling tidak, dengar dulu apa yang orang lain nak kata.

Makan dalam


Destruction from within.
We blame others for their incompetence.
And yet we provide convenient excuses for our own lack of achievement.
We revel in identifying other people's stupidity.
And yet we ape the same.
We detest politicking at the highest level.
And yet we debase ourselves with cheap politics.

Our family.
Our circle of friends.
Our work team.
Our work organization.
Our country.
Our ummah.
All that we consider ours.

Are we simply another instance of 'them'?

Paper presentation at HKICEPS 2014

Alhamdulillah, this will be my fourth international conference paper presentation this year. The paper was formally accepted in October. 

A few days ago, I received the tentative program. Seems like I will be presenting on the first day of the conference. Hope to see a lot of interested people; not just humans making up the numbers. The experience in Osaka is not so great in terms of audience attendance and participation. Hopefully, in Hong Kong, the atmosphere will be more lively and scholarly. Really hoping there would be a few people interested to do collaborative research and writings.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Statistik blog

Eh... post daripada bulan Mei 2014 jadi post ketiga popular minggu ni. Dah start cuti sekolah ni, agaknya ramai nak cari tempat percutian ..nak jalan-jalan makan angin.

Hmmm....awak pun nak jalan-jalan juga. Rancangannya, minggu ni nak ke Port Dickson, insyaAllah. Jangan sampai hitam legam sudah. Make sure anak-anak makan vitamin C dulu sebelum ke main ayor; ikhtiar mengurangkan risiko demam.

Big banana small banana

Orang kata, kalau makan pisang kembar, nanti dapat anak kembar.

orang mana la ya yang kata macam tu. Apa buktinya?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Usability of System for Lecturers

One of IIUM system (or 'apps') is used to download class list. This system is to be used by lecturers. What's wrong (in terms of the usability) of the system's interface?

A.  What is DESFORMAT? Can you please use a plain language? What are the differences among the options listed (File, Cache, Printer and Mail)?

B.  There’s no choice available for this box. And I don’t know what it is supposed to be for. Do we really need it here?

C.  Can we not have a default session value that is up to date? Please update the default value once a new semester starts. Or have a pull-down menu to select the session.

D.   The CAM Entry system lists the students by Matric Number. Can we please have Matric No. as the default setting here too?

E.   With Roman writing, we read it from top to bottom. Can we please have the ‘Submit’ and ‘Reset’ button at the bottom right of the menu (somewhere near E)? It feels more natural to have it there. It is strange to go down towards ‘Ascending Data By’ and then have to go up to execute the command.

F.   I strongly believe there is a simpler term than ‘Ascending Data By’.

G.  What is this asterisk for? Where does it refer to? It sounds like a footnote. Where is the part that it is referring to? It is not located near the box that it is referring to. Additionally, it is natural for people to add space after a comma. Why shouldn’t the system be intelligent enough to accept space after a comma?I have emailed the suggestions to the IT Department. Hopefully the system (and other systems) would be improved soon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to create an evil Password

IT Nightmare: In Dilbert's world, this is the stuff that will invoke Phil, The Prince of Insufficient Light, who would damned you to heck.
1. At least one digit
2. At least one special character i.e. !#%*+-:;=?_ 
prohibited special character @ / & "
3. Minimum 8 Characters
4. No space
5. Not include part of your username.
6. Not the same as per your previous password
7. Not contains at least 3 consecutive numbers
8. Combination of uppercase & lowercase.
9. Not contains years in this century
The list above is from an actual IT Department of an organization. May I add, the password should also :
10. have at least one letter from the Organization's name
11. not be a swear word
12. not include references to any political party
13. ideally have allusion to Malay traditional poetry
14. not have any trademarked or copyrighted name
15. exclude the letters R,S,T,L,N,E (in Wheel of Fortune, these are 'given' letters)
16. not have Wingdings and Webdings characters
17. have at least two consecutive run of alternating lowercase and uppercase letters
18. not use your supervisor's name
19. have words of wisdom
20. letters indicating hope for an enabling IT

Monday, November 17, 2014

Lirik Cindai - lengkapkan

Cindailah mana tidak berkias
Jalinnya lalu rentah beribu
Bagailah mana hendak berhias
Cerminku retak ________

A. Kelabu
B. Merapu
C. Cenggitu
D. Tak malu

Mendendam unggas liar di hutan
Jalan yang tinggal jalan berliku
Tilam ku emas cadarnya intan
Berbantal lengan ______

A. Anakku
B. Sadorku
C. Jiranku
D. iPadku

Hias cempaka kenangan tepian
Mekarnya kuntum nak idam kumbang
Puas ku jaga sibunga impian
Gugurnya sebelum ________

A. Orang bang
B. Palembang
C. Ku lempang
D. Berlubang

Hendaklah hendak hendak ku rasa
Puncaknya gunung hendak ditawan
Tidaklah tidak tidak ku daya
Tingginya tidak _______

A. Bercawan
B. Melawan
C. Rupawan
D. Cendawan

Janganlah jangan jangan ku hiba
Derita hati jangan dikenang
Bukanlah bukan bukan ku pinta
Merajuk bukan ________

A. Berpantangan
B. Berbarisan
C. Bercakaran
D. Bertamparan

Akar beringin tidak berbatas
Cuma bersilang paut di tepi
Bidukku lilin layarnya kertas
Seberang laut _____

A. Bercili
B. Terapi
C. Mengopi
D. Berjoli

Gurindam lagu bergema takbir
Tiong bernyanyi pohonan jati
Bertanam tebu di pinggir bibir
Rebung berduri di ____

B. gigi
C. Pipi
D. Ceti

Laman memutih pawana menerpa
Langit membiru awan bertali
Bukan di rintih pada siapa
Menunggu sinarkan _____

A. Kembiri
B. Bebiri
C. Membuli
D. Di pili

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Looking for a master student

I am looking for a candidate for master by research program. The research topic is patient safety among nurses. The project will complement an ongoing cross cultural research project with a team from Bangkok, Thailand.

The project is expected to include qualitative and quantitative data collections. Target participants are nurses and nursing students. The main objective is to examine the nurses understanding of patient safety.

The candidate must have a bachelor degree in psychology and good writing skills (minimum IELTS band 6 or equivalent).

Successful candidate may be recommended for MyBrain financial assistance.

Please pm me if you're qualified and interested.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hatta Shahrom: Da'wah and Humanitarian Work

I had the pleasure to attend a talk delivered by Prof Hatta Shahrom on a Friday afternoon. It was on Islamic Psychology and Da'wah. He mentioned the characteristics of a good daei. What caught my interest was the discussion on the elements of da'wah. He divided the elements into three parts: the risalah (message), the caller (daei) and the ones being called (du'at).

During the Q&A session, I asked him how to measure the effectiveness of da'wah. He focused his answer to the first two elements. I used to think that an effective da'wah is one that produced changes in the du'at e,g. stopped doing something haram, revert to Islam (people are (more) fascinated with muallaf's stories), the community becomes better, etc.

However, in his answer, Prof Hatta stated that we can measure the effectiveness of the message. His answer reminded me of consumer psychology and advertising. To measure the effective of an advertising campaign, we can measure the company's bottom line: did the advertisement increase sales? If such figures are not reliable (due to many extraneous variables), we can measure the effectiveness of the ads themselves. Measures that can be used include recall (how much info from the ads that the customer can remember?), intention to buy, and attitude change.

The more difficult, and 'scary', measure of effectiveness of da'wah is the one about the daei themselves. How much has the da'wah process changed the daei. This measurement should not be done in a few minutes. Rather, this should be part of the life-long tarbiyyah.

We can't measure the success of da'wah in terms of bottom line like corporate companies. Afterall, the change in du'at is a matter of hidayah, which is at Allah's discretion. In other words, da'wah works are more for the benefits of the advertisers, not the consumers.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Spot the difference

Can you see the difference between the two pictures above? One if taken from one student for a test. The other is from a page on www.laerd.com which was shown in class. Can you spot the difference? The contents are of course different. I did not asked the same question as shown on the webpage. The writings are also different; that's a moot point. 

The point that is relevant to be discussed is why the heck did the student wrote the result that way? Did s/he not see the example shown in class? Was the example too vague to illustrate the acceptable format for reporting the statistics? Perceptual error? Or, intelligence defficiency?

Perhaps I should give perceptual exercises to the students to build the skill of spotting the difference; to compare two objects. For example, what is the difference between A and B?

Seems that some people made the mistake of  paying attention to the irrelevant parts of the objects. Therefore, they make irrelevant comparisons.

To hone the skills, we start from geometrical objects, then move on to more complex drawing. then we can proceed with textual materials. When they have had sufficient skill, then only we can believe them when they start to compare two different political parties!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Slang orang Perak bila marah

Udah lama tak guna perkataan 'peronjang'.

Mungkin sebab tak ada benda yang berlaku sehingga perlu guna perkataan tu. Hari ni rasa 'bertuah' benor dihadapkan dengan jawapan-jawapan pelajar sampai terkeluar perkataan peronjang. Ate..geram bebenor teman membaca jawapan. Lain yang diajar, lain yang ditulis. Rasa nak campak kertas jawapan ke lubuk.

Bagi yang tak faham slang orang Perak, peronjang tu maksudnya, lebih kurang, '(what) the heck'. Biasanya digunakan apabila dalam keadaan marah, atau frust sebab tak faham apa yang orang buat sedangkan kita jangka dia boleh buat apa yang dijangkakan. Faham idok? Contohnya, cikgu Jemimah suruh muridnya buat karangan pasal 'musim durian'. Tapi, sorang muridnya tulis pasal 'mengapa saya nak bermake up semasa bersalin'. lalu cikgu Jemimah pun berkata: 'Apa peronjang yang kamu tulis ni?"

Satu lagi contoh; seorang pemandu sangat tak puas hati bila ditahan JPJ. "Peronjang apanya nak ukur nombor plet kereta aku ni?"

Sekian kuliah bahasa hari ni.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Doa untuk exam statistik

There is going to be a test for Lab-based Statistics class tomorrow. All the best to all who are taking the test tomorrow. Make your du'a counts. Say your salawat and salam to the beloved Prophet s.a.w., and close with praising Allah s.w.t.

Ask your parents to make the du'a for you too.

May Allah help us all.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Writing references in a paper

Easy steps to insert references into your paper. You have to find the paper through scholar.google.com
1. If you are using a smart phone, click on 'more'. Otherwise, skip to step 2.
2. Click 'cite'. You will see the pop up window with reference written in three styles.
3. Choose the reference style that you want, copy and the paste.
Easy peasy!
I learned about this from Hamed Haque via Muhamad Karimi Sulaiman. Thank you guys.

 The following is an example using desktop view of Google Scholar

Friday, November 07, 2014

Amalan basuh tangan di hospital

Kalau kita pergi hospital, kita kena basuh tangan tak? Seelok-eloknya kita basuh tangan sebelum dan selepas mengunjungi hospital.

Mengikut amalan yang sepatutnya, jururawat dan doktor pun perlu membasuh tangan sebelum dan selepas menyentuh pesakit. Amalan ni boleh mengurangkan hospital-acquired infections: jangkitan semasa berada di hospital. Elok-elok dah sihat, kena jangkitan pulak. Terpaksalah memanjangkan tempoh check in di hospital.

Berani ke nak tanya nurse? Ramai yangm acam takut-takut. Risau kot nurse marah gamaknya.

Jangan takut nak tanya kat depa, "Cik dah basuh tangan?" Kalau lebih daring, tanya "Cik nak saya tolong basuhkan tangan?" Simple je, tapi boleh mengurangkan banyak kes-kes yang tak perlu; kes-kes yang menyusahkan pesakit dan nurse jugak. Kan lebih baik kalau pesakit tak stay lebih lama di hospital?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

mengapa kos perkahwinan mahal?

Orang berbelanja RM1 juta untuk majlis perkahwinan, kita katakan membazir. Kita kurang pandang pada income depa yang berjuta-juta setahun. Jumlah sejuta tu tak meluakkan sangat pun duit depa.
Kita berbelanja rm50 ribu (je) untuk majlis perkahwinan, kita nak kata apa? Bagi yang pendapatan setahun tak sampai separuh daripada jumlah tu, bukan membazir namanya. Tapi membelanjakan duit yang tak ada. Tu nak masuk kategori apa tu? Berbelanja besar untuk jadi raja sehari, lepas tu bertahun-tahun jadi hamba bank atau along.
Ukur kenduri di slip gaji sendiri.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shop with Stripes

Pernah pergi kawasan Jalan Sultan di Singapura? Kalau pernah pergi, mungkin korang biasa dengan pemandangan kedai2 berwarna warni dan cantik. Salah satu yang menarik perhatian ialah kedai yg ada jalur2 ni. Ada stripes di awning. Dan ada ulangan corak stripes di tingkapnya. Menarik perhatian untuk memandang atas bawah.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Black and white

It may not be obvious from the monochrome image, but the car is indeed black. It was black when i first got it. There was a black and white agreement between me and the owner. Now that the owner had passed away, there needs to be another black and white documentation to transfer the ownership clearly.

Black and white is beautiful.

Black and white is also important.

Lunch at Sakura Kristal

Usually i would go for the sweet-and-sour fish. But this time around, i tried the fried soo hun Thai style. The clear noodle is supposed to be more healthy, in terms of carb content. And this dish definitely has the health content in terms of the veggies. Love it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Favorite Supplement

This is by a clear margin my favorite supplement. Enough said. :-)

Apa maksud SPSS

In a test yesterday, I asked the same question that I've first asked students in 2006. The different expansion of the SPSS acronym is, entertaining and sobering. This time around, the misplaced creativity of the students are again showing off brilliantly, like multicolor displays at a Rio Carnival. The question was: SPSS stands for _________________. Considering that the whole course is dedicated to learning how to use the software called SPSS, I would expect students to be at least curious to know what those four letters represent. Alas, we got a colourful list like below. This is the full list of all wrong answers given by 82 students in the two sections of the course.

Simulative Personality of Statistic scale
Software Package for Social Science
Standar               Statistical
Standard Package for Social Science
Standard Psychological Statistics Students
Statistic Progression for Social Studies
Statistical Package
Statistical Packages for Human Science Students
Statistical Packaging for Social Sciences
Statistical Packet for Social Science
Statistical Procedure for Scientific Study
Statistical Process
Statistical Program for Scientific Study
Statistical Program for Social Science
Statistical Program for Social Scientist
Statistical Programme for Social Science
Statistical Programming for Social Science
Statistical Psychology for Social Sciences
Statistical Psychology Software System
Statistics Associated
Student Program for Statistical Systems
Student Programming Statistics
Symmetrical Programme Statistical Software
Systematic Private Social Statistics
Systematic Program for
Systematic Program for statistics system
Systematic Programming Statistics

Systematical Programming for Statistical Solution

The point of the question is not about memorizing the four words. I'm trying to provoke the students. Now that the 'obvious' and 'easy' question was asked in a test, I hope the students can reflect on their attitude towards the course, and make any necessary changes. 

It is okay to laugh at ourselves for something silly like this; hopefully they will not laugh when looking at their final grade, in an attempt to conceal tears of failures. 

p/s If you notice, and wondering about the extra line between the list and the preceding paragraph, it is because the blank represent a wrong answer. One student did not offer any answer whatsoever.

Monday, October 20, 2014

We Are Under Which Sky?

16 Day Photo Challenge: Day 4 Sky

Today is was a grey sky. The great expanse of space above is had inspired many people to achieve greatness. Sky is the limit, so they say.

Have you asked yourself recently why is your 'sky'?

Some people prefer to look above at a clear night sky. They can see millions of stars far far away. and they imagine themselves shining brightly like the start.

Some people prefer to look above at a clear sky during the day. They can see clouds, and the calming blueness of the space above. They imagine themselves walking on top of the clouds, enjoying the view from above.

Some people chose to look above at a gloomy sky, when the dark clouds are hanging low. They cannot see much beyond the tip of the clouds. And bring the gloominess into their heart.

We are all under the same sky.

But we choose which sky is out limit.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Importance of Water

Day 3 of 16 Days Photo Challenge: Water

if you were to answer honestly, what do you see in the pics above?

Nemo (clown fish)

Both answers are correct. But, what we cannot see is also important; without which both corals and fish would cease to exist. That's how important water is. It supports life. Without it, we would quickly evaporate from the surface of earth. The entire human race. 

And yet, how much thought do we give about the water that we use? Is it a prominent aspect of our life; being granted a high priority? Or is it something that we take for granted; a background materials that more often than not is overlooked in favor of other more interesting objects?

Here's my list of how we should respect water.

1. Use water sparingly. Find out the leakages - how we waste water - and put a stop to it. Never again allow the tap to run while you're brushing your teeth. 

2. Avoid paid water when we can use free water. Harvest rain water for gardening purposes instead of using tap water. The natural purification method that is involved in the production of rain is incomparable (how clean is our tap water?). Why should we ignore it?

3. Drink clean and healthy water. Unclean and unhealthy water should be somewhere else other than your body. Water with too much sugar is nor meant for our body to take regularly. So is water laced with intoxicants (alcohol). Let alcohol be used for other purposes. Put the right water for the right purpose. 

4. Protect the sources of water. Clean up when necessary. Don't let our natural resources become a natural disaster. Don't use too much domestic chemicals that would be released into the environment together with water. Protect our jungles too; they are the catchment areas for rainwater. 

5. Enjoy the beauty that is naturally occurring water features. Pristine and clean rivers. Gorgeous waterfall. Serene lakes. Mesmerizing clouds. Cooling rain. Majestic seas. These are for us to perform our tafakur. Water replenish fluids in our body. Water can also quench the thirst of our souls.Spend time to take in the shape, the smell, the texture, and the colour of water. 

By gazing into the clarity of water, hopefully we shall gain a better clarity of ourself. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Misadvertised Breakfast

Day 3 of 16 Days Photo Challenge: breakfast

This was my second breakfast today. The first one was hot milo and lasagna. This second drink for breakfast was courtesy of Students Learning Enhancement Unit (SLEU). I was invited as a speaker for a training workshop on Academic Literature Review. I didn't take the kuih (in the metal tray). But I did pour the drink from the container labelled SIRAP. I can tell you that it is NOT sirap. Unless you count any sugared water as sirap. I would say it is teh susu. 

Belasah 3 gelas. Ngantuk punya pasal.