Tuesday, December 09, 2014

How to set up SPSS file

Confused with SPSS file? Not sure how to organise the numbers in the file?

I have drawn four diagrams to show the file setup for different study designs. Imagine the blocks as columns in the Data View of SPSS. Each vertical block(s) is for one variable. Thus, for diagram A, we can call the blue block as the variable 'score' and the green blocks as the variable 'group'.

When you have one set of score from two groups of people, you do an independent samples t-test.

If the same group of people were measured twice, you got two set of scores. Thus you use a repeated measure or paired sample t-test.

When you have 3 or more groups giving you one set of score, you run one-way Anova.

If the same group gives you three (or more) different scores, then you compare the three (or more) set of scores using repeated measured Anova.

Simple! :-)

Now try to see if you can match the diagram with the correct statistical test.

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