Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Di sini la tempat aku bakal bergambar
bila dapat bergelar doktor
tapi mungkin tidak berjubah
tidak berbunga tidak bermegah

merahnya strawberi - wymesworld

Kat pintu masuk ladang.

Memetik strawberi ni, rupa2nya addictive. Dapat sajer.

Hasil petikan yang bernilai £2.22.

Tu batas strawberi, bukan Batas Menanti. Huhuhh.. kalau karaoke ada lagu tu, sedap gak nyanyi.

Tu lah dia... merahnya. Manis pulak tu. Tak de le memejam mata dan mengerut muka bila makan.

Orang lain sibuk memetik strawberi dan menangkap gambar. Aku sibuk memetik kenangan dan menangkap sesaat.

Monday, July 28, 2008

IPS 2008 Secretariat

At the end of the conference, the secretariat had a pic session.
from left: Cinzia (Italian), Rosella (English), Sue Hull (English, from the Ergonomics Society), Maryke (Dutch), yours truly (the foto-jelik one), Rose (English), and Rose (Malaysian Chinese).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dgn Students I/O UMS

This group of I/O students surprised me with a belated birthday cake.
Owh, the cake is also for 'memujuk pensyarah merajuk'.
Thanks Achik for the photo.

Perubahan Selera

Sejak bermukim kat Lboro ni, selera makin terbuka. Dulu kurang suka madu mentah. Sekarang ni, selalu je letak dalam teh atau atas roti. Dulu macam tak berapa nak suka bau dan kemanisannya yg berbeza dgn manis gula. tapi, sekarang ok. Pernah beli madu + ginko dari Tesco. Ok jugak. Cuma, belum pernah cuba madu + telur ayam mentah. Berani ke? Macam Fear Factor jer...

Satu lagi yg mula disukai kat sini ialah bubur oat. Kat Malaysia pernah cuba. Tapi, ya Allah...... tawar. Tak de rasa apa. Rasanya, oat kat sini pun sama je. Tapi, boleh makan pulak. Agaknya sebab bubur ni mudah disediakan, dan mengenangkan. Very convenient. Nak best lagi, letak kismis & madu dlm bubur. Bagus utk kesihatan.

Monday, July 21, 2008

post-Cambridge: the experience

This time around, the conference felt much more laid-back. Fewer participants, less programme-per-day, more mature group of volunteers, and a different kind of reponsibility added up to a more enjoyable experience of running the conference.

For this conference, Sue Hull (conference manager) asked me to be the 'conference office manager' (a self-endowed title, I have to say). Basically, I was in charge of preparing the lap tops for use in the plenary and parallel sessions. Though Sue had done a good job chasing people to deliver their powerpoint presentations to her BEFORE the conference, there are some presenters who delivered theirs during the conference.

To add stress to the 'laid-back-ness', virus/worm/trojan popped up with dramatic effect. The hired lap top had to be replaced with new ones (ones with anti-virus programme). The memory sticks that hold most of the presentation had to be reformatted. So, we had to request the presenter to give their PPT files again!

Fortunately, the overhaul occured on the second day. So, we had to deal with only one-day worth of presentations. Alhamdulillah.

At this conference, I met Prof Rhona Flin. I've been in contact with her last year for applying to do a PhD at Aberdeen. She invited me up to Aberdeen to share my research at Loughborough with her and her students. I'm looking forward to that meeting.

patah sayap

Patah sayap bertongkat paruh
Patah paruh bertongkat siku
Patah siku bertongkat dagu
Patah dagu bertongkat kuku
Tapi... ni bukan setakat patah.. dah tercabut nih. Cam ne?
Cabut sayap berganti prostetik
tambah elok kalau bionik
bukan sekadar sayap mekanikal
tentu saja bukan superfisial

Flower pics

You Asked For It

Every occupation has its hazard. University lecturers are not exempted. Here's an example of such hazard.

The chatter's real name has been changed to 'girl'

girl: assalamualaikum
pakalang: waalaikum salam
pakalang: may I know who this is?
girl: am [*****].... sori disturbing u.. how's life there?
pakalang: life is ok
pakalang: what's your name?
girl: am [*****], i took [*****] be4, but, after u left, am convert to [*****]... coz psyc sweet lecturer go to uk..
pakalang: owh....
pakalang: [*****]
pakalang: the name sounds familiar... but the face is harder to come by
girl: u may not notice me... i know who am i...
pakalang: so many students
pakalang: difficult to remember all
pakalang: especially those who is comfortable being a 'nobody' in class
girl: amek saye sebijik... tekene plak...
girl: cant speak anything when 've a gudlooking lecturer infront

pakalang: there's a lot of students who are able to see the lecture instead of the lecturer
girl: hahahaha.... yeah... until they had a daydreaming... pretend to hear for the lecture bcoz of the physically attractive lecturer
pakalang: thank you for your complement
pakalang: But I'd rather students find me intellectually attractive, rather than physically attractive
girl: ofcourse i find something intellectually attractive untill it touch my heart
girl: [ kiss smiley]

pakalang: thanks but no thanks
girl: giveup?
pakalang: I don't like to encourage flirtatious behavior among my student
girl: owh.. if am not ur student/
girl: ?
girl: u gonna encourage me?
pakalang: not really
girl: is it a sin to be in love wif u?
pakalang: women who are too forward are a big turn off for me
girl: juz a judgement... may not right...
pakalang: when it comes to personal issue, it is my judgement
pakalang: it is my judgement to make
pakalang: 'taste' tak boleh paksa , kan?
girl: not too young to understand... maybe my love experience is wiser than u
pakalang: i hope so..
girl: yeah, even worse than u
pakalang: wiser? worse?
pakalang: how do yo mean?
girl: both
girl: u might understand it
girl: if..........
pakalang: if what?
girl: if u open ur heart to understand what secret are
pakalang: generally, I try to keep my nose out of people's business
pakalang: I'd encourage people to talk about their secret if it will help them in one way or another
pakalang: but, as a general rule, I don't like to listen to secrets for the sake of keeping a secret
girl: a strong man stand for himself, a stronger man stand for himself n others
girl: its ok
girl: am pretend to be ok

pakalang: denial?
girl: yup
girl: dont like ur way
girl: [broken heart smiley]
pakalang: that's part of the 'no encouragement' policy
girl: no encouragement for what?
pakalang: I don't like to encourage flirtatious behavior among my student
pakalang: mu pehe dok apa maksuk 'flirtatious' tu?
girl: flirtatious behavior dont need any encouragement or what.... it came by passion
pakalang: yes, I know that
pakalang: that's why I don't want to encourage it
pakalang: that kind of behaviour/passion is like a small fire
pakalang: i don't want to make it bigger.....
girl: yea... maybe it bigger than u tought.. maybe.... maybe urs bigger than me
pakalang: well, in that case, I'd like to CLEARLY say that I DO NOT have any feelings towards you
pakalang: and let me repeat: I DO NOT have any feelings towards you
girl: yea.. do not need to repeat.. r u in menstrual period?
girl: be cool
girl: calm down
girl: i touht ur are better in controlling ur emotion
girl: guys are same
girl: even u

pakalang: wow! what an interesting over-generalisation
pakalang: and very original too
girl: n.... i tought u know how to be sweet than now
girl: guy... guy... guy....
girl: different from my expectation

pakalang: well, good luck with finding a good guy then
girl: no gudguy right?
pakalang: well... you've said it yourself - guys are the same
girl: yea, every guy that i met, say not all guy are the same, but later, they will say by their own, every guy still the same... n if u will stay beside me... i think u will do d' same thing like 'em
pakalang: i totally agree with you
pakalang: i can't think of any refutation to your well-made point
girl: thats it
pakalang: thank you for showing me how to be cool and calm, and controlling your emotions
girl: there's no tru love right... even from our good fren...
guy... guy.. guy...
act, i juz wanna to know who u r... not really wanna flirtg wif u.. hope u dont get wrong, am not crazy to flirt wif my own lecture
sorry sir
u make my bad expectation trough guy higher
wish u gudluck
pakalang: and goodluck to you too
girl: sorry.... its not a time for u to wish


When I have more time, I'd like to write a running commentary on the exchanges above. The juice of sarcasm is flowing freely at the moment. Hope it will return when I have the time to write.


The work aside, my time in Cambridge was a positive one. I did immersed myself in the beauty of the city. Too bad the picture that I took did not do justice to the beauty.

Enter through the light.

Shadow play

Waiting for punters

A punt on a plate

Does Cambridge has a dark side?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cambridge week

The clock on my PC shows 04:44. yes, it almost five int he morning, and I'm in my office to do some work, including updating this blog. Later this morning, at around 10:00, I'll be heading off to Cambridge. Being away in Cambridge till Friday necessitate me coming to the office at the graveyard shift mainly to write the minute of yesterday's (12 hours ago) meeting at Nottingham.

For the second time, I met Dave Whiting. A very nice guy, seems to be interested in my PhD project. He gave a lot of useful information and promises to provide the contact and access. Alhamdulillah, so far my PhD project solid support from different people.

But, till later next week, I won't probably touch the PhD project much. I expect to be busy running the Improving Patient Safety 2008 conference. I'm mainly responsible for the 'master slides' and Sue Hull (conference manager) had asked me to remain in the conference's office to deal with changes/updates to the slides and presentations. I can already imagine the fatigue at the end of the conference. I hope the beauty of Cambridge will take some of that fatigue away.

Off to Cambridge then.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lipas kudung


Dah tak larat nak sambung kerja. Kena rehat. taking on Nadal's favorite sport might be the answer :-)

Sibuk jugak hari ni. Lepas kerja, aku participate dalam eksperimen 'Whole Body Vibration'. Merasa la bergegar satu badan. Puas la jugak digula-gula dgn Courtney. Tak habis2 dia berterima kasih.

Pas tu, bila masuk lab, baru teringat ada appointment dengan Sue kat ofis Ergonomic Society. So, gi sana dalam hujan. Driving pun sama macam jalan kaki dulu..... ambil jalan jauh. Aiyoo... tak ingat2 lagi jalan ke ofis ErgSoc. Sue beri tugas2 yg perlu aku buat untuk konferen kat Cambridge minggu depan. Just before I take off, Sue dapat memory sticks yg dia order. So, aku ambil memory sticks tu utk diisi dgn navigation slides dan presentations.

Lastly, sempat jugak taip agenda untuk meeting dgn Dave minggu depan. Dah email kepada Patrick. Report utk Dave belum revise lagi nih.... kepala dah berasap. Sambung kerja esok je la. In the mean time, tennis court dah memanggil........

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ping Pong - selesai

Alhamdulillah, MML Ping Pong Endurance 2008 telah berlangsung. Mulanya, rasa risau jugak, sebab tak dapat nak start on time. Tapi, alhamdulillah, once the games started, the pace was in line with the schedule.

Tak ada kejadian yang tak diingini - setakat yg dimaklum. Boleh le aku tulis 'reflection' penganjuran sukan ni utk jadi sebahagian Professional Development course's content.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

personal take on today's khutbah

I am thankful to Allah for what I have. He has given me an above average 'aql (kalau idok, tak de le dapat buat PhD), and a very beautiful Aqil.
I am also thankful to Allah for what I don't have. He has not given me the desire to smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, and do drugs.

Ping Pong

Esok perlawanan ping pong utk org Melayu Malaysia Loughborough akan berlangsung di Edward Herbert Building. Sejak seminggu dua lepas, aku sibuk (dan buat-buat sibuk) merancang perlawanan tersebut, sebab aku dah diberi tanggungjawab sebagai penganjur pertandingan.

Ada le beberapa dokumen yg aku kena siapkan: jadual perlawanan, aturan perlawanan, jadual keputusan, dan lain2 lagi. Yang paling susah ialah nak buat keputusan. Macam2 pertimbangan yg perlu dibuat. Nasib baik dapat support dari kenkawan, esp abg Hazman penganjur bersama. Bukan senang nak puaskan hati orang. Kena consider practicality and fairness. Tanpa ada banyak degree of freedom (i.e. banyak constraints), terpaksa traik nafas, dan buat je keputusan. Kalau orang nak bangkitkan isu apa2 selepas pertandingan, itu hak depa. Aku jadi penganjur bukan dapat bajet besar pun. £30 je utk cater >30 players. lagipun, kalau ikut bab awliyat, first year report aku tu lebih utama.

So, bila nak tulis report? Asyik ngadap blog je? :-)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Berkursus lagi la nampaknya

With the new round of sodomy allegation against Anwar Ibrahim, I sense an ominous gloom looming over the horizon. This gloominess, as I reflected back, was the motivation behind my two previous postings (Baca Ya-Sin and Seeing Similarities). Now that the gloom is becoming clearer, I can put it down in words. Mark my words: there will be another BTN course (or a 'boot camp' as one Judge said) for me during my PhD years!!!

God knows how the BTN people - after Anwar's unceremonious removal from UMNO and the government - like to tell stories about Anwar's sexuality. The stories would be told with an air of secrecy, a hush-hush tone. But we know how loud the intended consequences are. Almost invariably, the story would be something not out in the open; not reported in the media. The story tellers would reveal interesting bits and snippets that only close acquantainces would know; like someone from the same village, used to working in the same organisation, or even perhaps have attended the same kenduri for all I cared. For me, this amounts to proving an arguement by appealing to authority: the authorities being these BTN facilitators.

Well, that kind of argument does not do much for my intellect. The argument (of Anwar's sins) appealed to the senses - well, the stories are meant to be as sensational as possible, innit? - but does not appeal to the intellect. Consuming these BTN stories has as much pleasure as reading Raja Petra Kamaruddin's Chronicle's of Khairy Jamaluddin. It is fun. But it is very difficult to disentangle the tightly woven fact and fiction. It would make a good political-thriller novel, no doubt, may be even a silver-screen block-buster.

In this sequel, there's a marked improvements to the casting department. Instead of tired, middle aged, libido-dampening appearance of previous 'victims' of sodomy, we now have a fresh young face. The fact that young man looks 'appetizing' (any tantalizing pic of this boy's backside?), would certainly makes the sequel more believable, no? I mean, how many women and men can resist that smashing good look. Even if your back is bad, having been operated upon, you'd still be rising up to the challenge of conquering the valleys of youth, right?

I think there might be some budgeting works already being prepared over in Putra Jaya to conduct BTN courses in the UK. I wonder who would be the next story teller. Would a scientist be able to tell the story better, and more believable? Show us the facts man!!! And, if there are some free time available, I'd like to ask the BTN facilitators another interesting block-buster movie: maybe they have in their possession the director's cut for "I Know What You Did in Mongolia".