Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Heart

May be I did not submit myself with ihsan,
for when I was a guest at one of His house,
I remembered you instead,
I felt I was so far from you,
and how the time that we shared was thin.

I want to run to you,
so that I can find solace in your eyes,
so that I can try make you smile,
making up for what I have not given; my heart.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Door to door

(This is from a Social Psychology final exam answer script.)

Compliance is on form of social influence. There are numerous strategies to gain compliance. They include foot-in-the-door (requesting a bigger favour after a smaller favour has been granted) and door-in-the-face technique (requesting a smaller favor after a bigger favor was declined).

One student won my vote for creativity when s/he wrote, as one of the compliance strategy, close-the-door technique. Felt like doing hurling-the-pen-and- answer-script manuever when I read that answer. Your door to an A grade had just been closed.


Something from a student's assignment. She's trying to say how she was using much less water than usual.

"I just take a timber of water."

Me think this is a variety of the 'rojak language' case. Follow what they like jer.....