Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to create an evil Password

IT Nightmare: In Dilbert's world, this is the stuff that will invoke Phil, The Prince of Insufficient Light, who would damned you to heck.
1. At least one digit
2. At least one special character i.e. !#%*+-:;=?_ 
prohibited special character @ / & "
3. Minimum 8 Characters
4. No space
5. Not include part of your username.
6. Not the same as per your previous password
7. Not contains at least 3 consecutive numbers
8. Combination of uppercase & lowercase.
9. Not contains years in this century
The list above is from an actual IT Department of an organization. May I add, the password should also :
10. have at least one letter from the Organization's name
11. not be a swear word
12. not include references to any political party
13. ideally have allusion to Malay traditional poetry
14. not have any trademarked or copyrighted name
15. exclude the letters R,S,T,L,N,E (in Wheel of Fortune, these are 'given' letters)
16. not have Wingdings and Webdings characters
17. have at least two consecutive run of alternating lowercase and uppercase letters
18. not use your supervisor's name
19. have words of wisdom
20. letters indicating hope for an enabling IT

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