Friday, November 14, 2014

Spot the difference

Can you see the difference between the two pictures above? One if taken from one student for a test. The other is from a page on which was shown in class. Can you spot the difference? The contents are of course different. I did not asked the same question as shown on the webpage. The writings are also different; that's a moot point. 

The point that is relevant to be discussed is why the heck did the student wrote the result that way? Did s/he not see the example shown in class? Was the example too vague to illustrate the acceptable format for reporting the statistics? Perceptual error? Or, intelligence defficiency?

Perhaps I should give perceptual exercises to the students to build the skill of spotting the difference; to compare two objects. For example, what is the difference between A and B?

Seems that some people made the mistake of  paying attention to the irrelevant parts of the objects. Therefore, they make irrelevant comparisons.

To hone the skills, we start from geometrical objects, then move on to more complex drawing. then we can proceed with textual materials. When they have had sufficient skill, then only we can believe them when they start to compare two different political parties!

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