Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Importance of Water

Day 3 of 16 Days Photo Challenge: Water

if you were to answer honestly, what do you see in the pics above?

Nemo (clown fish)

Both answers are correct. But, what we cannot see is also important; without which both corals and fish would cease to exist. That's how important water is. It supports life. Without it, we would quickly evaporate from the surface of earth. The entire human race. 

And yet, how much thought do we give about the water that we use? Is it a prominent aspect of our life; being granted a high priority? Or is it something that we take for granted; a background materials that more often than not is overlooked in favor of other more interesting objects?

Here's my list of how we should respect water.

1. Use water sparingly. Find out the leakages - how we waste water - and put a stop to it. Never again allow the tap to run while you're brushing your teeth. 

2. Avoid paid water when we can use free water. Harvest rain water for gardening purposes instead of using tap water. The natural purification method that is involved in the production of rain is incomparable (how clean is our tap water?). Why should we ignore it?

3. Drink clean and healthy water. Unclean and unhealthy water should be somewhere else other than your body. Water with too much sugar is nor meant for our body to take regularly. So is water laced with intoxicants (alcohol). Let alcohol be used for other purposes. Put the right water for the right purpose. 

4. Protect the sources of water. Clean up when necessary. Don't let our natural resources become a natural disaster. Don't use too much domestic chemicals that would be released into the environment together with water. Protect our jungles too; they are the catchment areas for rainwater. 

5. Enjoy the beauty that is naturally occurring water features. Pristine and clean rivers. Gorgeous waterfall. Serene lakes. Mesmerizing clouds. Cooling rain. Majestic seas. These are for us to perform our tafakur. Water replenish fluids in our body. Water can also quench the thirst of our souls.Spend time to take in the shape, the smell, the texture, and the colour of water. 

By gazing into the clarity of water, hopefully we shall gain a better clarity of ourself. 

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