Monday, October 20, 2014

We Are Under Which Sky?

16 Day Photo Challenge: Day 4 Sky

Today is was a grey sky. The great expanse of space above is had inspired many people to achieve greatness. Sky is the limit, so they say.

Have you asked yourself recently why is your 'sky'?

Some people prefer to look above at a clear night sky. They can see millions of stars far far away. and they imagine themselves shining brightly like the start.

Some people prefer to look above at a clear sky during the day. They can see clouds, and the calming blueness of the space above. They imagine themselves walking on top of the clouds, enjoying the view from above.

Some people chose to look above at a gloomy sky, when the dark clouds are hanging low. They cannot see much beyond the tip of the clouds. And bring the gloominess into their heart.

We are all under the same sky.

But we choose which sky is out limit.

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