Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Apa maksud SPSS

In a test yesterday, I asked the same question that I've first asked students in 2006. The different expansion of the SPSS acronym is, entertaining and sobering. This time around, the misplaced creativity of the students are again showing off brilliantly, like multicolor displays at a Rio Carnival. The question was: SPSS stands for _________________. Considering that the whole course is dedicated to learning how to use the software called SPSS, I would expect students to be at least curious to know what those four letters represent. Alas, we got a colourful list like below. This is the full list of all wrong answers given by 82 students in the two sections of the course.

Simulative Personality of Statistic scale
Software Package for Social Science
Standar               Statistical
Standard Package for Social Science
Standard Psychological Statistics Students
Statistic Progression for Social Studies
Statistical Package
Statistical Packages for Human Science Students
Statistical Packaging for Social Sciences
Statistical Packet for Social Science
Statistical Procedure for Scientific Study
Statistical Process
Statistical Program for Scientific Study
Statistical Program for Social Science
Statistical Program for Social Scientist
Statistical Programme for Social Science
Statistical Programming for Social Science
Statistical Psychology for Social Sciences
Statistical Psychology Software System
Statistics Associated
Student Program for Statistical Systems
Student Programming Statistics
Symmetrical Programme Statistical Software
Systematic Private Social Statistics
Systematic Program for
Systematic Program for statistics system
Systematic Programming Statistics

Systematical Programming for Statistical Solution

The point of the question is not about memorizing the four words. I'm trying to provoke the students. Now that the 'obvious' and 'easy' question was asked in a test, I hope the students can reflect on their attitude towards the course, and make any necessary changes. 

It is okay to laugh at ourselves for something silly like this; hopefully they will not laugh when looking at their final grade, in an attempt to conceal tears of failures. 

p/s If you notice, and wondering about the extra line between the list and the preceding paragraph, it is because the blank represent a wrong answer. One student did not offer any answer whatsoever.

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