Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Couvade syndrome

Alhamdulillah, the syndrome has waned a bit. For about two weeks, the smell of cigarette smoke became almost a constant source of irritation. It started in the office. And extended into the car, at back at home. At times, the smell was so strong, I can almost physically felt the presence of the smoke.
Things like this do not make sense to me. It attacked my nose, and more important, my sense of logic. It is difficult to convince myself that I'm not hallucinating. The physical sensation must have a physical stimulus. So, I tried, among others, to provide a physical stimulus to correct the relationship between S and R. Even if it does not 'cure' the syndrome, it would re-balance my thoughts. And that seemed to matter more.

When things were not as they seem, I try to accept them as they are. However, more often than not, my hunches were proven grounded. Some problems may seem like a simple case. It would be up to me to probe further to find out more. Given enough patience, the root of the problem may present itself. And then I have to deal with the consequences of discovering the root; may be pleasant, or otherwise. If it was unpleasant, it would still beat being ignorant. At being more knowledgeable could be a way of becoming more mature.

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