Friday, February 24, 2012

Pesan Abang

You are a blossoming bloom
choose your paces carefully
with a face as sweet as a rose
you will charm those who see

Having fun is not off limit
as long as you see the boundaries
lest you will forget
your hope and dreams

Both mum and dad
hearts full of prayers
for you to flourish
in the coming years

When evening sun is setting
you return from school
with books by your belt
you will enchant those who glanced

You’re still at school
take heed of the challenges
you have tests to face
to carve a bright future

Pay full attention in class
And leave the rest to the One

When you are successful
I will feel the joy too
If it was otherwise
Do not despair

If you failed once
You’re not doomed forever
Keep this message in your heart
I will always love you

(unsolicited translation of Pesan Abang, a song by Sudirman)

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