Wednesday, October 10, 2012

9th IPRC

Alhamdulillah, the colloquium had been organised. In total, there were 2 keynote addresses and 30 paper presentations. A number of authors had promised to come, but were not able to attend. nevertheless, the 'core' participants were there, and I can't be happier to hear them enjoying themselves at IIUM, especially during the farewell dinner.

The preparation had been long, winding, and at times a test of patience. Managing the paper submission is a skill that should be certified. I think Karimi and I deserve to reward ourselves with a certificate of EasyChair + manual submission.

The MOU is a completely different matter. The transits that the documents had taken were beyond my telescope. But it was signed at a ceremony at the Department. Nothing fancy, no hoopla. It was a ceremony with minimal frills. What matters is that the collaboration between the Department and BSRI is 9 years strong. And we look forward to further collaboration.

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