Monday, October 22, 2012


Working at a frenzied pace, I spent a good chunk of early morning today to prepare slides for a talk. The skeletal form of the presentation had been prepared a few weeks back. I looked like a straight forward task of beefing up the slides. What I had not anticipated was the amount of revision, rereading, and reorganising that I had to do. it was emotional intelligence, a topic that I had neglected for a few years now.

I also had not anticipated to experience 'flow'; a sort of peak experience in preparing the slides. the task was very much enjoyable that I willingly tweaked the slides here and there, fully aware that the clock's short hand had moved east of 12. It seems that the tweaking gave much satisfaction, perhaps giving a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. i fully look forward to the 2 hour talk.

The talk was originally scheduled early this month. then it was moved to a date a week later. Then the date moved again; this time it was Tuesday this week. In the day, I checked an email to get the phone number of the organiser for confirmation of the date. As I went through the email, I noticed that the date given was another new date: 2nd November. Upon checking verbally, it was confirmed that the talked was moved to next month. Part of me was saying I'd expanded my energy in a short burst unnecessarily. But another part of me was glad that I'd managed to prepare the materials fully 10 days ahead of the talk. Alhamdulillah.

Apparently, the energy to work on the presentation did not abated. I had, in fact, made a few more tweaks to the slides while in the hospital, waiting to see the O&G specialist. Later at night, I revisited a blog that I put in my browser's bookmark. I rediscovered a good example of his writing. For me, it is about redirecting a negative emotion to a more positive and productive purposes :

See....! When you enjoy your work, you will be able to see and use opportunities to make your job more meaningful.

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