Thursday, September 06, 2012

Adrenaline ...

... rush.

That's what I feel when things are happening at a fast pace. One thing after another. Tasks to be completed. The phone ringing. New e-mail notification. A letter in the in-tray.

All part of being the HOD. So far, I think I'm just about successful in beating the fire, so to say. Managed to put out new fires that burst into action. What I need now is a way to prevent fires from happening. Planning things out in advance is always an enigma. You can't really predict what will happen. But, again, que sera sera. Take in in stride.

Part of being an empowering leader is being perceived as more competent and hardworking than the subordinates. That's what I aspire to achieve.


yaya K said...

Good Luck sir. you can do it! :)

Harris Shah Abd Hamid said...

thanks Yaya