Friday, May 02, 2014

Undergraduate Psychology Conference

For the first time ever, the Department of Psychology's undergraduate students organised an Undergraduate Psychology Conference IIUM. I'm so proud to see students showing their mettle. They presented research work which are mostly based on the coursework they have completed. I seriously hope the students have experienced and learn about:

1. oral presentation skills (most were able to avoid 'newscaster' style)
2. time management for presentation (how to convey your points during the time given)
3. interaction with the audience (how to engage the audience and respond accurately to their questions)
4. how to prepare slides that are readable and interesting to the readers
5. how to appreciate the beauty of data and research

Dr Shukran Abdul Rahman delivered the keynote address, Whither Psychology Students?

The size of the audience is relatively small, but significant and has a large effect.

"How does it feel to be abnormal?" asked Habib.
I pray that this conference is the first of many. Regularly held conference should be able to bring students out from the comfort of the classroom and closer into the real world.

Bravo and well done to all students and lecturers involved in the program!

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