Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lunch kelas statistik

Today marked the last meetingfor the Noh-Parametric Statistics class. lt started with a final exam at al Farabi lab. It felt long compared to the UG exam earlier on Friday .Of course the durations are different: 3hrs vs 2hrs. But the time seemed to pass slower when you are not feeling well.

The exam was not a particularly difficult one. But when statistics is involved, you can't be too careful. The slightest stimuli can arouse disproportionate anxiety. Today it was not any different. l will spare the details, but the anxiety was palpable.

The class, with the exception of a few (7?), went to Kelab Darul Ehsan for lunch. It was also a birthday celebration of one of the student.The food selection was good- met my expectation of a KDE buffet spread. There were two instances of statistics saturation. Haji Nahar saw Mann U and kruskalWallis when he scooped up some mango Kerabu. Diba, on the other hand saw Friedman test when picking up Fried Wantan. Such is the pervasiveness of stats.

May the force of stats be with you.


Al-Manar said...

Entries are varied, short and interesting. What confuses me is the number of websites (four) and the absence of date of posting; or is it written somewhere I miss?

Salaam to you. I just do not know how I came to be here.

Harris Shah Abd Hamid said...

Thank you al-Manar for your comment.
1. If you're referring to 'Jokes', 'Poem', 'PhD' and 'Shaklee', they are all posts with the same theme, not four separate websites.
2. Interestingly, the date of posting is stated on the mobile version of the blog. Somehow I have to make sure the full web-version also have the date.

Thank you again for your feedback.