Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Did I celebrate the new year?

There are at least TWO ways to answer the question. With questions.

1) "Which new year?"
-there are many calendars that one could follow. the question could refer to the Gregorian calender, of which a new year starts today; 1st January 2014. I have a better affinity and emotional attachment with the new Hijri Year, and the awal Muharram celebration. I celebrate the new Gregorian year, but rather differently than the Hijri year.

2) "How do you mean celebrate?"
-if it means doing the count-down thingy, the answer is NO. I don't purposefully force myself to wait until midnight to witness/experience the clock strikes 12. For this year, I wish to celebrate by making further transformations to my life. Life for the better.

One of the celebration is reenergising this blog. When it was conceived, the blog was meant as an online repository of writings for future consumption of my son, Aqil Marwan. I was physically separated from him and wanted the blog to be the medium for creating a sense of nearness to him. Later, when we were reunited, the blog had serve less of its original purpose. It had turned into a repository of general thoughts, reflections, and poetry, without specifically focusing on my son. It could be seen as a general parenting blog. Now, with Shaklee calling, the blog is transforming into something new.

It is an old blog. I don't wish to make a new one. I want to maintain the lineage of thoughts, opinions, and principles. And, I also believe it is also time to enter the third phase of existence for this blog. The third phase will continue to accumulate the cerebral output, but with a consumer angle. Of course, the focus will be Shaklee products. the Shaklee business had so far (about a month or so) been a strong motivator to be committed to this blog.

I've already made changes to the theme of this blog. The layout had been slightly changed. A few gadgets were added: people can now follow the blog and Nuffnang Ads was inserted. The functional amendments to the blog is hoped to facilitate better interaction with the readers, beyond the most important audience, my sons (the are three of them now - alhamdulillah).

I am not done with celebrating the new year. I am renewing my commitment to the blog and pray that I can give both intangible and tangible inheritance to my sons through the blog. May Allah give His redha and blessings.


eqbalzack said...

Happy New Year 2014 Dr... :)

Harris Shah Abd Hamid said...

The same to you too. May this year brings you a step closer to being a Dr.

muhammad zulhelmi said...

Untunglah dpt berniaga..nak jugak berniaga..

Harris Shah Abd Hamid said...

Jom berniaga..sama2 hidupkan sunnah Nabi