Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Statistics Jokes

1. A statistics student was so smitten with a girl. One day, he summoned the courage to tell the girl how he adore her and will make her very happy. He later reported to his friend, "I convinced her that I am significant. She failed to reject me."

2. Two statisticians were drinking freshly brewed teas from two different pots. There were trying to determine which pot produce better tasting tea. They were doing a tea test.

3. A fashion designer asked 10 of his most loyal clients to test a new dress twice: once in the morning, and again later in the afternoon. He wanted to know if the clients feel differently about the dress at different time of the day and would adjust the dress accordingly. He was doing a within subject design.

4. A wife asked her husband, "Do you love me?"
He answered, "yes, categorically".

5. A wife asked her husband, "how much do you love me?"
He answered, "are you thinking in terms of range or central tendency?"

6. A student confessed to his statistics professor that some days he was very enthusiastic to come to class. On some other days, he felt strongly averse to the classes. The professor responded, "that's your standard deviation."

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