Thursday, December 19, 2013

best kept secret

The last week of class was the week that i read a novel by Jeffrey Archer. I picked up that book the first time when trying to put Zayd to bed. Soon after, hours when i was free at home were occupied thumbing through the Best Kept Secret.

I experienced a sense of accomplishment after arriving at the 466th page. It took far shorter time than i imagined when i read the first page. But it wasn't the only thing that i sensed. Oh..the joy of reading. And it helped that mr archer is a skillful story teller. 

time to find another good read.


Al-Manar said...


If I do read a story book it would not exceed 200+ pages and that would have already taken a fortnight. Only academicians can do the 'long distance'. Perhaps I should consult you on what pills to take to improve this poor state of existence.

Harris Shah Abd Hamid said...

Non-pill prescription is be istiqamah. Keep reading. One page at a time. The stamina will develop gradually, insyaAllah. And if want pill-based boost, OmegaGuard (high quality fish oil) and Vita-lea (multivitamin) could be the ones for you.