Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Changing consumer attitude

If we want to change the existing and future consumer attitude towards a product or service, we change the basic motivational function. Using the advert from Shaklee Malaysia as an example, we can highlight these motivational functions.

1. Utilitarian function
The ads can be supplemented with testimonials from users who had experienced positive benefits e.g. less asthmatic symptoms, reduced joint inflammation, reduced wight, etc. People's attitude tend to be more positive when a product is shown to be useful and helpful.
2. Knowledge function
The ads can provide more information about the product to satisfy the cognitive needs or 'thirst for knowledge'. Showing how Omega Guard is different from other fish oil supplement (e.g. sourced from deep-sea cold water fish) can make the product be seen more positively.
3. Value-Expressive Function
If we have a market segment that held positive values for healthy living, the ads can be tailored to appeal to the values. For example, phrases like "Each capsule is a gem in your healthy crown" relates the product to what the consumers feel important in their life.

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