Monday, July 14, 2014

bad interview experience

When was the last time I was interviewed? It was for the part time job at Loughborough. It was an informal non-event that was completed rather summarily. The same adjective, however, cannot be applied to an interview that I went through in February last year. For that matter, 'went through' is not a good descriptor either; felt like i got stuck somewhere.

Lakonan semula. ini bukan gambar tahun lepas

The interview was an unexpected one in more ways than one. I received a letter, out of the blue, from the Kulliyyah, that I was nominated for the Best Teacher Award at the University level. I did not realise that I was even considered. The award is something that I aspire to, but it is more of a fantasy than a close reality. So, I was nicely surprised when i was asked to attend the interview for the BETA nominees.

I was told to bring a teaching portfolio - if portfolio is a good word to represent what the panel wanted. Somehow, I managed to prepare the portfolio on the last day before the long CNY holiday. Karimi was there to help with the documentation. On the day of the interview itself, I did a final touch on a course file. Luckily, I had only one course file to prepare. It was a heavy one - physically. psychologically speaking, it was not light either.

I was the first to be interviewed, and was the first to arrive. The interview was supposed to start at 9.30am. I was hoping the interview would run on time as I had a training at Ara Damansara (Subang) right after the interview. So, I was more than a little apprehensive when the interview did not start at 9.30. Would I arrive at Ara Damansara on time for my training slot? Did I choose the right neck tie for the interview? Am I overdressed?

A heady cocktail of question weighed down on me during the wait. And the questions that I got from the interviewers pulled me down even more. Somehow, i felt that I was not able to answer the questions clearly and persuasively. Was I defensive? Was I evading the questions? Did I look unashamedly eager?

What upset me was I left the interview room feeling as if I had to justify my nomination. I appreciate the fact the the interviewers themselves were not adequately prepared for the interview session. Perhaps they were just as upset that they were not able to be sufficiently fair to the nominees. The interview was in a way, a non-event. It could have been a better event. An event that would leave the interviewers and the interviewees  feeling dignified.


Al-Manar said...

That 'Loughborough' attracted me to say a few words. Were you a sudent there? I was, but way back 50 years ago - very likely before you were around.

Harris Abd Hamid said...

Yes, I was in Lboro between 2007 and 2011. Quite recent, relative to your stated time line. :-)