Monday, June 23, 2014

out of habit

Has it been 12 days without a new post?

Time flies really fast. The lack of new posts just shows another way how time will left you behind if you're not keeping up with it.

Was it because of the World Cup? I know that for many people, time stood still during the soccer season. Things are left in the back burners in favor of the activities on the field. People gravitate to kedai mamak like an apple falling from a tree: there's no escaping the law of nature. Well, that's actually the people's decision to make it into a law. For me, the World Cup is not the reason for failing to write new posts.

Was it because of the recently concluded final exam? Sure, there were lots of work that demanded time and concentration. Reading and marking handwritten answers can be an unusual and cruel punishment for us lecturers. Your hopes that the students had acquired enough what you delivered in class came crashing down like an untrained 10m platform divers. The deep breath and niceties before the dive were unflatteringly followed by a big flat entry into the water. Fortunately, there were enough good answers to pull me up from under the water. so, it was not the final exam that took me away from the blog. In fact, the final exam produced some good materials for inclusion in the blog.

So, what was it?

I had fallen out of habit. Just like falling out of love makes you forget someone, falling out of habit can make you forget your semi-automatic behaviour.

 It is time to fall in habit again.

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