Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bad dad jokes

1. Which bank would never go private?
Public Bank.

2. Which bank has a lot of possibilities?

3. Which bank can speak only for itself?

4. Why was the durian not able to solve its problem?
Because it has a thorny issue.

5. What fruit is young and rebellious?

6. Why did the tourist look at the twin tower twice?
Because it was KLCC.

7. Where do the gym clerks go to get their supply of pen and papers?
The stationary bike.

8. Why did the chicken just stand by the road side?
Because it doesn't get the joke.

9. At a shoe store, a mannequin was being moved when the neck was suddenly detached from the body. The head rolled and hit some stilettos. It was the worst case of falling head over heel ever happened at the store.

10. In psychology, what do you call a testable statement that has a lot of spelling errors?

11. What is the difference between a t-test and a malicious apathy?
One is about differences in means, and the other is a mean indifference.
12. Why was the detective not suspicious about the RM1 nasi lemak?
Because there's nothing fishy about it.
(ikan bilis mahal woiii!)

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