Wednesday, February 23, 2011

umpteenth stage

No fireworks, no jubilant explosion, no rainbow.

It was just another day. A gloomy one at that. Outside, and inside, there was no obvious celebration going on for achieving another milestone in the PhD journey. The process of printing the whole thesis involved me walking back and forth between Wavy Top and Bridgeman Centre 3 times to get the color printing done. Then it was a mad rush of putting together the preambles, the main body, the appendices, and inserting the colored pages into 5 different piles. With 10 minutes to spare, I managed to hand in the loose copies to the Print Services shop for binding. The minute hand of the clock was two ticks away from 5 o'clock; the time that the shop was due to be closed.

Then, today, I picked up the thesis from the shop. The Academic Registry's office was not opened until 10pm. Three copies of the thesis needed to be submitted. On top of that, I needed to hand in three separate documents. I did not knew beforehand that I need to do this. Nonetheless, the documents were easily made available.

So, today, at 11;30 I completed the process of submitting my thesis to the Research Students' Office. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for giving me the strength to do it thus far.

Now I'm waiting for the viva date.


Ri said...

congratulations, pak lang, on the completion of your thesis :)

and a happy belated masihi birthday. moga ttp iman, pjg umo, murah rezki, sihat, slmt sejahtera selalu!

Harris Shah Abd Hamid said...

terima kasih Ri. May you receive the hasanah too