Wednesday, July 20, 2011



They take the time to analyse the situation when approached by clients. They don't jump to conclusions without trying to gather relevant data. Based on the data, they can identify what problems that the clients have. The set of the problems may or may not be the same as what the clients reported initially. That's why they have to analyse the situation first. After identifying the problems, then they offer possible solutions for the clients to consider.

con artists:

They approach potential victims. They make stories of possible problems that the victims may have. After they convince the victims that they have problems, they provide a ready-made solution. The uniqueness of the victims needs and problems are not explored. They are more interested in grabbing money from the victims.


Another breed of unsolicited 'helper'. They like to find out what people are doing. Their inquisitive skills are utilised effectively. They don't care to identify what are the problems that people have. They instead focus on what people are doing (i.e. the solutions to their problems), and then gun down every single one. They are very apt at listing down what's wrong with the solutions. They insult other people by showing blatant disregard for why people do what they are doing.


Kalau ingin mengelak daripada terjerumus dalam kerugian, berpesan-pesanlah dengan kebenaran. Gunakan data, maklumat, dan fakta yang sahih, boleh dipercayai dan releven.
Berpesan-pesanlah dengan kesabaran - be ready to spend time, energy, and mental efforts.

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