Monday, April 06, 2015

Words to describe strange statistics experience

I was bitten by a logophile bug after reading this post: Warning: logophile usually comes together with nerdititis. So, here are my own creative words based on my experience as a student and teacher of statistics.

1. Chronophasia - the inability to understand the concept of deadline.
e.g. I feel frustrated looking at the low quality of assignment submitted by students. It is as if they did it the very last night before it is due. Perhaps they were experiencing chronophasia since the beginning of the semester.

2. Annoyva - frustrating and irritating calculation to get an F statistic.
e.g. The pain was evident is the students' face as they tried to figure out the sum of squares and the mean squares. The exercise was clearly an Annoyva.

3. Statisnonstick - very slippery statistics lessons; ones that are difficult to stick in mind
e.g. He is repeating the course this semester. And he still feels that nothing makes sense. The whole course is statisnonstick.

4. Estimath - an answer to math question that is close enough to the actual answer
e.g. When all that she reviewed dissipated into thin air, she was only able to provide estimaths in the math test. 

5. Mathematips - helpful hints for math exam.
e.g. During the final examination, she continued to gaze deeply into the question paper, hoping to magically retrieve some mathematips from the margins of the paper.

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