Wednesday, February 27, 2013

thank you

A Department in an organisation has to rely on the management of the organisation for distribution of resources like money, staff and rooms. There are cases where Departments do not get what they need even though the resources are available. This could be due to incompetence or selective action of the managers. So, there is still a need to be thankful to the managers who manage to distribute the resources well, even though the expenditure does not come from the manager's own pocket.

It would a gross oversimplification to say "all managers in the world would provide basic facilities  to the Departments in their organisation". This requires near perfection to occur: managers with the correct attitude, aptitude, and ability. The fact is there are people who are self-centered, incompetent, haven't got a clue what to do with the resources available, and have a host of other imperfections that make the distribution and management of resources less than perfect. So, good managers deserve expression of gratitude from the subordinates. We thank them for their competence. 

May we all be saved from the harms inflicted by incompetent people.

Dalam pada masa yang sama, kerajaan juga tidak seharusnya 'memaksa' rakyat berterima kasih atas setiap apa yang dilakukan oleh kerajaan.

eh.... kerajaan? still talking about the same topic ke?

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