Tuesday, December 21, 2010

brain freeze

You know how you'd get a brain freeze when you're drinking something icy cold? It hurts.
Now imagine getting a brain freeze when you're breathing! It is not gulping water that makes your brain freeze...it is air.

It has been very cold the past few days here. This morning sees the continuation of freezing fog. The trees, with their nude branches, are covered in white dusts. Quite beautiful, and yet menacing at the same time; the effects being heightened by the presence of low-lying fog.

Today is winter solstice - the shortest day of the year. So, tomorrow, the day will grow increasingly longer. This morning also witnessed a lunar eclipse. But I wasn't fortunate enough to see it with my own eyes. The moon was low in the western horizon, and the sky was not all that clear. However, I did managed to see a very bright star in the eastern horizon. Was it Venus?

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