Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shopping Online for Shaklee Products

How difficult is it to buy Shaklee products?

I don't want to answer that questions. Please rephrase the question into "How easy is it to buy Shaklee products? As you can see below, Shaklee had websites for members that allow each and everyone of them to manage their membership and, more important, to do SHOPPING.

Shaklee Members area includes Shopping section
You can go to the Shopping section, choose the items that you want to buy, and proceed to the checkout. You can either pay by credit card, or buy using electronics credits (you may gain these by achieving certain performances as determined by Shaklee Corporations). If you're a regular customer, most of the required information (Name, address, phone number, etc) would have already been saved. So you can save a lot of time.

Not only you save typing time, you can also save time to drive to the shop itself: save money on petrol too. And, if you buy products worth more than 200UV, you can get free shipping on your purchase. Lagi save.

This is why I love Shaklee.

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